Our weekend staycation at the Grand!


We had SO much fun on a much needed little weekend staycation at The Grand America to kick off Spring a couple weekends ago! We have been stuck inside with Utah's yucky weather for TOO long and it was time to let the kids play and what better way than to plan a weekend filled with swimming, lunch by the pool, and the best Sunday brunch in town?!

We were greeted with the most beautiful (and delicious!) pastries from La Bonne Vie that I was barely able to get a photo of before the girls dove right in! 

We woke up to the most beautiful views of the city from our room 

Without pause, our girls headed straight to the pool first thing in the morning. We have all been craving the water and the Grand's indoor pool is perfect for everyone! We played at the pool for over FOUR hours and loved every minute! The only time they took a break was to order a little room service to the pool area, and that barely broke them away!

When we checked in they had given each of the girls a token that they could turn in for a little "something special", so after the pool we headed to Jou Jou, the cutest toy store at the shops! The girls each got to pick out a cute stuffed animal and loved playing in the kids tree house! 

I couldn't help but take full advantage of my stay and had to make sure to get a treatment at the Spa! Since being redone a few years ago, The Grand America's Spa is by far one of the nicest spas in all of Utah! I always opt for a massage aside from an incredible massage, it was such an experience!

Sunday Morning we relaxed and let the girls enjoy the room and then headed downstairs for Sunday brunch. I kid you not, this is my all time favorite thing about The Grand America. They have an unbeatable Sunday brunch with a carving station, omelet and crepe bar, ethnic food options, a full seafood station with fresh shrimp, crab legs, sushi and the most incredible dessert bar you'll ever see! We try to make it to the Grand's brunch at least a couple times a year and I always make it my "Mother's Day" must so to take the girls and let them enjoy was so much fun!

It's not always easy getting away with our whole family or traveling a lot with the little ones, so little staycations are the perfect way to "get away" without having to struggle through the "travel" part of it, but still enjoy the fun of it!

Right now is the perfect time to book your stay with The Grand America! Click this link HERE to learn more about room pricing and packages!

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Festival Looks with PLT


If I didn't have three littles and wasn't homebound 75% of my day, this is how I would dress Every. Single. Day!!
I had so much fun partnering with one of my favorite online brands, PrettyLittleThing to style a few fun festival looks to kick of festival season!
I may not have an obvious take on a "festival look", but I love to rock a more classic, chic look to my concerts!
These are a few of my favorite pieces that I loved the most from PrettyLittleThing's site!

This button down shirt with the wide sleeves is such an amazing piece! I have worn it under blazers, sweaters, and now I'm pairing it with my favorite satin dress! I belted this dress to keep it fitted and accessorized with a perfect tall hat and PLT booties!
Similar Dress HERE & HERE // Shirt // Hat // Booties // Belt

This look is such a fun one! I've been obsessed with wide leg pants lately and these cream colored pants are such an incredible piece to add to your closet! I also fell in love with this plaid blazer that is so cute as a jacket or even worn alone buttoned down and belted. I paired it with simple heels and this fun red hat that is so unique and perfect to switch it up from the usual go to hats.
Jacket // Pants // Belt // Hat // Heels

Last, but not least, this look is possibly my favorite! Mixing prints can be tricky, but when you pull from the same color scheme (in this case, the similar beige undertones), you can usually pull off even the craziest prints! This plaid jacket was so fun paired over this beautiful snakeskin print dress and topped off with the same fun red hat to add a little extra pizzaz! 
Dress // Jacket // Hat // Booties // Belt

Which look is your favorite?!
Comment below with which look you would wear! 

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*Clothes were provided by PrettyLittleThing, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

MatchStick Monkey


Oh, hey there cute Holland bug!
These little babes have been getting their two year molars and Weeeoooo!, it's been FUN. And by fun, I mean NOT fun at all. Times TWO! Luckily, we found the Matchstick Monkey teether!

Making time for each little... in our own little way...


Does anyone else feel like we are heading to fight some serious crime or what in these photos?!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!


Alright, let's get real.
The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is USUALLY my FAVORITE sale of the year. I wait all year long waiting to see what they come out with and save up to invest in some of my best pieces. Usually those include designer bags, great jackets, and DENIM. It is truly the only time that a department store allows you to shop the NEWEST fall trends at a discounted price BEFORE they're even out, which is usually unheard of.

HOWEVER, if you keep up with me on Instagram, you're aware of my disappointment of the sale this year. 
Sheer. Disappointment. 
I usually rush to the store, try it all on, take photos of everything I love and then blast it out to my followers to shop (Usually because I really do love it all, even if I don't buy it all!), but this time around, I had to be brutally honest. The majority of things I ordered I wasn't impressed with, and most of the rest of it, I already had a version of or didn't care for.
To say the least, it was a bummer. A little bit of a let down, and I was pretty upfront with my readers about my disappointment.
Aside from there being little to no designer pieces I liked, even the basics were a little wah-wah.

There were a FEW, bright shining stars in the mix of all the hideousness and a few basics that are a must that I would recommend if you are in the market for a basic that you don't want to pay full price for. So this is where this blog post comes in.
I almost didn't even do a post because I didn't know if I could go and tell you to buy something that I would never buy- but after doing a good amount of searching, there were enough things that were either identical to things I have bought in the past, or things that were truly good buys that I'd recommend.

So here's how it's broke down- The ONLY things on this list were things that I truly loved, know are good quality, or brands that I have and know are great recommendations (especially with baby items)!

So let's kick it off with my TOP PICKS. 
These are my top 10 favorite items of the sale and my favorites from the items I, myself, purchased.

I then broke down my picks in a few categories so they are easy to find. 


My Top Picks:

You can't go wrong with workout wear, and to be honest, the workout wear is usually always my favorite! When you can snag Nike shorts for $25, it's never a bad time to snag them. I also loved a few of the cardigans, however, I have SO many that I only purchased one. The few that I picked are definitely great quality and great prices though. Brixton hats are one of my favorite brands and they had one or two on sale that I really did love (but already had 😂) and last but not least - JEANS. Although, again, disappointed, I DID find a pair of Rag N Bone jeans that fit like a glove and a cute pair of boyfriend Levi's that I really did love. So... I guess not a TOTAL fail. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Workout Essentials:

Truly the best part of the sale for me this year. I LOVE comfy Adidas tanks and they had a few of those. I also love when I can find quality leggings in fun colors for good prices so I linked all the best ones that I, myself bought.

Favorite Tops:

The tops were my biggest disappointment. Maybe it's because most of them seemed to be repeats from past years sales, or maybe it's because the colors were bland, or maybe it was just because nothing stood out, but I only bought ONE sweater of the sale. ONE. Talk about a serious bummer. 
The tops I did link were tops and cardigans that I have almost IDENTICAL versions of that I DO love and brands that I know are good price points and good quality. 

Favorite Denim:

I could only find five or six pair of denim that I would honestly recommend. I love Rag N Bone and know they are great quality, and the first ones (the black skinny denim) are the ones I purchased and LOVE. But other than these few, I wasn't blown away by many others that I would trust or love.


Only a few things stuck out to me. 
If you're looking for a great basic, leather jacket, I've linked one or two that I know are quality. I also linked a BLANKNYC suede jacket (I own two) and a cute army green jacket (I own several) that are similar to ones I have and love. Lastly, I shared a few 


I kept browsing the shoes thinking, "Oh, that's cute!...but would I wear them?" 
After answering, "YES!", or "Yes, and I have that same pair in a different color" I came up with these few pairs of shoes that I snagged or already have. Not a ton of picks, but what I feel are the BEST shoes of the sale. 
You can't go wrong with basic booties for fall and cute slides, so aside from workout wear, shoes were the next best hit of the sale, for me.


Accessories were a major blah this year. Aside from a super cute pair of J.Crew earrings, a couple hats, and one or two bags I already had versions of, I feel like the accessories were a total miss. Very few people are looking for diamond encrusted rings for sale, so here were my top picks for the accessories.


Ok, I take some of the mean things I said about the sale back after seeing some of the beauty deals. Most of the items I have and LOVE, including the:
T3 Micro straightener and blow dryer
Tria hair removal laser
GlamGlow face masks (Ugh. My FAVORITE masks!)
Oribe, Drybar, & Ouai hair products
And ALLLLLL the candles. Namely Diptique and Voluspa.

These are things I would 100% recommend to buy DURING the sale. Sure, the companies do deals on them from time to time, but if you are in the market for a great blow dryer, straighter, or some lash growing serum- now is the time to snag them for pretty great deals.
Candles are also my go-to gifts, so these fancy-shmancy, delicious candles are the best to buy while on sale. Or, just get them for yourself, because they're that yummy.

Baby Must-Haves:

The clothes were not my favorite, however, if you are in the market for big time baby items like carseats, strollers, and accessories - this is always a great time to snag the big ticket items! Maxi-cosi carseats for almost $100 OFF, great deals on play gyms, mats, monitors, diaper bags, blankets, and all the fun baby stuff. Once again, we have quite a few of these items so I linked a few of my favorites that are definitely some of the best buys!

Kids Clothes/Shoes:

And even though there were few favorites, I did snag one or two things for Olivia for school. My favorites were the kids Adidas sweater, Vans sneakers, a few dresses, and a few basic pieces. Oh, and Freshly Picked moccs and Baby bling bows for the babes.


Alright, friends!
I hope you can appreciate an honest review of the sale and if you love something, by all means, this is a great time to buy! However, if you were as underwhelmed as I was, I will still try to keep you updated with my favorite pieces here and there for great deals, whether they are a part of the sale or not!

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Summer Whites


Summer is my favorite time of year for SO many reasons! Aside from being able to do all our favorite outdoor activities, I love dressing for the warm weather! 
Summer means swimsuits, fun dresses and my favorite - summer whites! However, for all us ladies, our periods don't seem to care what time of year it is, and show up on our doorstep once a month. 
I don't know about you, but aside from dreading that "time of month" I hate having to worry about it ruining any of my favorite summer looks! Tampax recently launched new Pocket Radiant tampons that have extra protection and are small enough to be easily concealed! 
Now, I never have to worry about wearing my swimsuit or favorite white jeans! 

Tampax Pocket Radiant does JUST that! It fits right in your pocket! I bet you would have never guessed this little guy was in my pocket the whole time.

I love that instead of only being able to fit one or two regular sized tampons, I can fit 5-6 of the Tampax Radiant in my bag! They also come in re-sealable packaging, so they've basically thought of everything!
You can find Tampax Radiant at Walmart and Walmart.com!

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*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tampax Radiant at Walmart. The opinions and text are all my own.

Favorites Gift Guide!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15

For my first Holiday Gift Guide I only thought it be fitting to include MY favorite things that I love gifting to those I love (or things I would love gifted to me!)
So, if you're looking for the perfect gift for a good friend, sister, sister-in-law, teacher or a great host gift, these are a few of my favorites!

1. Sofort Compact Instant Camera: This tiny camera turns out instant quality images and is so fun! I've been toying with the idea of splurging on one for Olivia because she LOVES taking photos, but we may wait a few years until she's old enough to appreciate it. It's such a cute gift for anyone that loves photography though!

2. Google Home: This was our gift to my cute Mom last year. I wasn't sure if she'd love it or even use it, but it turns out that she's LOVED it and both her and my dad say they use it almost every day, even if its just to play music! 
I would definitely recommend this fancy little gadget for a perfect gift!

3. Pink Pom Beanie: This cute pink beanie is one of my favorites! Such a fun gift for a best friend that loves pink! I actually have THIS one and it's a little more on the affordable side!

4. Rose Gold Glassware: I love fancy glassware and these copper/rose colored glasses look so beautiful as accent pieces and decor in the kitchen and serve a dual purpose as beautiful drinking glasses! Even though I'm not a wine drinker, I would still use and love them, and for all my wine drinking friends, these are an even better gift!

5. Fur Throw: One of my favorite go-to's for gifts because who doesn't love a cozy, warm throw?! They not only look so chic anywhere in the house, but the ones I've linked are incredibly affordable! You can find great quality with out having to break the bank, and this is honestly one of my favorite gifts I get 
every year ♡♡♡

6. Marbled Frame: Such a simple gift that can mean so much! Frames alone are wonderful, but throw in a photo of Grandpa and Grandma's favorite grandkids and it makes it the most memorable gift of the evening. I know some of my favorite gifts haven't been the expensive things, but the things that I knew took time and meant something to me and end up meaning so much more in the end. This darling frame is perfect for any family member ready to make a memory 

7. Swell Water Bottles: One of my favorite water bottles to run to and from the gym and have with me while doing errands. It keeps my water ice cold and it's a perfect gift for any gym buddy or friend that doesn't already have one!

8. Fresh Sugar Lemon SugarBath: These little bath cubes are the BEST! I use them at home and am planning to put a few "spa la la la la" gift packages together including these little gems to gift out! They are definitely a favorite at my home and the smell is unbelievable! They are a definite choice for a stocking stuffer gift or cute spa gift package! Honestly, who would hate that?!
No one. No one would hate that. 

9. The Cutest Nail Polish Gift Set: These gorgeous colors look good on everyone and are some of the most beautiful nude shades I've seen, all in one set! It's also on a crazy good deal this week for Black Friday and is almost HALF of what it normally sells for!

10. CHEERS Champagne Candy Bento Box: These cute Sugarfina candy boxes are not only delicious and adorable, but make perfect stocking stuffers for kids, significant others, or as little gift toppers! They are the best all year long, but especially around the holidays!

11. Nest Holiday Candle Set: Ugh, yes! We are finally getting to some of my favorite gifts- candles! And this year we aren't messing around with the best holiday scents yet! Holiday, Birchwood Pine, and Sugar Cookie flavors, you can't go wrong! These are some of the best quality and smelling candles you'll find and candles are another go-to gift that you know you can never go wrong with!

12. MakeUp Eraser: I've heard such great things about these! They're basically small towels that are able to remove every bit of makeup - including waterproof, HD makeup and all those tricky mascaras! I've planned to snag one of these for my sister and sister-in-laws and I just know they'll love them!

13. Gilded Muse Candles: Once again, my favorite gift of the year, but I couldn't choose just one! These Gilded Muse Candles by Capri Blue have become my favorite burning candles around my home. The Exotic Blossom/Basil is my favorite, hands down! Just imagine filling your home with the blooms that a unicorn freshly picked for you from the mountains of somewhere dreamy and whirled it up into a candle to share with all your loved ones. 
In other words, you want this. ♡

14. Wildfox Roll On Perfume: A simple and sweet gift. You know its a beautiful smell and everyone loves it, and I know that I usually prefer a roll on over a bottle of perfume because they are easy to take with my in my bag and have at any time! Perfect for a stocking stuffer or a friend gift!

15. Freshly Picked Moccs: One of the best gifts you can give! Whether to its an expecting best friend, your niece or nephews first Christmas, or anywhere in between. Babies love them and moms love them more! They really are the most darling baby accessory there is and I'm the biggest advocate since it's all my girls wear! You'll definitely be the favorite when you gift these ♡

Make sure to check out a few of my other favorite gifting ideas below! 
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