We're taking today's post back a few weeks while I was still rocking the twin bump and only pushing one little monkey in a stroller…
Boy has life changed since this day!

Back to school shopping made fun!


My baby girl started her first year of preschool! Ahhh!
Where in the world did the time go?! Only a few short years ago she was my brand new baby coming home from the hospital, now she's loading up her minion backpack and running off to school! 

Most likely my final update!


Holy Cow! I can't believe that this post may be the last of my updates about this pregnancy! It makes me so happy to think that after this I will be giving updates about our babies being here rather than all the scary stuff we've been dealing with throughout this pregnancy. 
I figured I'd give an update from the last couple of weeks…

30 Weeks!!


We've done it! (and by we, I mostly mean these two little munchkins that have been fighting their way through the last 3 months!) We hit the 30 week mark this week and for some reason, it feels like a bigger milestone to us than it may to a lot of others…  

Happy 7 Years to us!


It feels like it was just yesterday that we were skipping classes at the U just so we could spend a little more time together. Holding hands for the first time, our first kiss, and so so so many firsts that led to our wedding day, first beautiful baby girl, and here we are, seven years later and expecting twins in the next month!

Let's talk pregnancy!


Ahh, pregnancy. I've been so wrapped up in talking about all the drama of the past few months that I really haven't gotten a chance to talk the fun (and not-so-fun) things about twin pregnancy thus far!