Chic in all black


I dressed up for you all today! It's been a while since I've done a dressier look and it's mostly because I haven't had much to dress up for! However, we've been trying to do date nights more as of late and I relish every opportunity to put on some of my lovely clothes and go out on the town! 
Now, let's talk about these lovely clothes.
Where do you find Jimmy Choos for $189 or a Vince top for under $50?! Nowhere in the world except a high end consignment store! I'm a girl who loves her high end items and it's not abnormal for me to splurge on a fabulous item from time to time, but for loving to shop as much as I do, I can't always be spending the full amount on my favorite bags, shoes and clothes every time! At first shopping consignment made me a little leery, but after realizing that they really only take "gently used" items, (while sometimes items still have their original tags on them!) I was totally on board! I love that I can find so many great designer pieces for such an affordable cost! I have found some of my favorite Tory Burch flats, awesome Lulu Lemon items and so much more! They also have an online shop for those of you who can't run on over to Salt Lake to hit up the store so make sure to check it out HERE
Name Droppers also loves my followers so much that they are offering an awesome giveaway on my instagram account (@robynstew8) today! Make sure to check it out and thank you all for following!! XOXO
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Weekend Wishlist

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With fall approaching quicker than I would prefer, I realized it's almost time to start breaking out and buying warmer clothes! I have found a few of my favorite fall items and had to share some of these beauties with you! First of all, what screams fall more than oxblood skinny waxed jeans?! I truly don't think anything does and these beauties are only $50! What a perfect statement piece for fall for such a great deal! I also adore these Vince Camuto heels and these adorable furry clutch! Such fun pieces! Last but not least, I have been eying a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses for so long now, I am thinking I may just have to pull the trigger and make it happen because how gorgeous are these beauties?!
What are your favorite picks for fall?!
Make sure to check out my other favorites below including these gorgeous flare jeans & this fun fringe bag! Most are on sale too! XOXO
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I heart Madewell

Windsor Necklace - On Sale! (Also love THIS) // Similar Hat

*photos by Marissa Mills

Oh hey! It's been a minute! 
I hope everyone is doing great and has had a fab summer so far! We have been living up every moment and not looking forward to the end of summer nearing. I will say, however, I always get the itch right about this time of year to start wearing my fall clothes. All the new fall lines are starting to come out in stores and of course, fashion week is coming up quickly, which means it won't be long before we are wearing sweaters and boots again! We even had a few days this last week that made fall clothes necessary which brings us to today's look!

I'm so excited about the opportunity to be working with Madewell at Fashion Place Mall and help host their anniversary event here in a couple of weeks! August 26th from 6-9 PM I will be at the Fashion Place Madewell store and will be mingling, styling and just enjoying meeting all my fabulous readers that are able to make it! There will also be a 20% discount off your $125 purchase (um, hello…how amazing are these jeans and this gorgeous colored sweater?!) It will be such a fun event and I hope all of you Utah girls can make it! I would so love to meet you! XOXO
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Beauty tips with Marshalls!

Hey friends! I hope everyone's having a fab weekend so far! I couldn't wait to share some of my favorite products with you via Marshalls! 
Let's get real for a second. I have, like, a lot of hair. Almost 3 feet of hair to be exact, so when it comes to my hair products, I don't mess around. I realized a long time ago that buying cheap hair products was one of the biggest mistakes I was making while trying to grow my hair and keep it healthy. As soon as I started investing in better products I noticed a night and day difference in the health of my hair, not to mention it would grow quicker and break less! As much as I love the products I buy, I also go through products quickly with the crazy mop that I have! So when I started shopping Marshalls and TJ Maxx more, I realized they carried some of my favorite products like the Macadamia brand, Big Sexy Hair brand, and Theorie brand. I also ended up finding a ton of new brands I had never even heard of that I fallen in love with including this Topganic shampoo and conditioner and moisturizing cream
On the other hand, I've always been a little bit of a snob when it comes to my makeup. I usually don't go anywhere but the MAC Counter or Sephora to pick up my goodies, but I've been super impressed with some of the fun things I've found while shopping Marshalls! This Max Studio eyeshadow set has so many of my favorite colors and is really similar to my favorite Urban Decay "Naked" sets. I've also loved this Dr. Brandt's CC Glow cream as a light foundation during the summer. There is truly nothing better than finding great quality products for almost half the price! I have linked all my favorite below along with all of the products featured and am wearing here! Happy shopping!! XO

Here are a few of my favorite eyeshadow palettes & blush sets:
My favorite BB & CC creams:

All my favorite Macadamia products:

THEE best smelling Theorie products:

Topganic products:

Other favorites:

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Joggers are a girls' best friend.


Another week has come and gone, and this week consisted of:
Learning some serious patience with an almost two-year-old that thinks she's 13 (and has the sass to go with it!)
Chasing said two-year-old around Target leaving an entire cart, including my purse, to what I hope are very honest Target-goers.
During our super fun/mostly exhausting trip to Target, receiving multiple "I feel for you, I've been there" looks from sweet mothers. I've decided I'll take the pity look over a "can you please control your child" look any day! 
An anniversary to my wonderful husband of six years! Wow… did I just say SIX YEARS?! (It's still a little crazy to me seeing how I barely feel old enough to buy the rum for my bananas flambĂ©, let alone have been married 6 years and have previously mentioned almost-two-year-old!)
Chick Fil A playdates with good friends.
Watching "minyns" and "monsers" (Despicable Me and Monsters University) multiple times a day because someone is going through a phase, and I can tell you, it's not me. However, I am able to quote about 85% of both movies so…maybe that talent can be put to some good use one day. Not likely.

Although my weekly list is as uneventful as that of a mother… I wouldn't have it any other way! As for today's look, my "mom uniform" has changed ever so slightly from everyday jeans to my newfound love… joggers! The stretchy, pajama-like feel of joggers has me all over this new trend! Hats are a constant in my looks lately as well, due to a new workout routine and lack of desire to actually do my hair lately. More to come on that soon.
I hope you're all having a great week so far! Make sure to check out my instagram account (HERE) later today for a pretty awesome giveaway. I don't want to give too much away, but it may or may not be a $550 Nordstrom Giftcard. Oops. I've said to much.
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