Sunday Dress Numero Dos...


Has it really been a whole week?

So apparently Sunday's are one of my few days
to catch up on pictures/blogging.
Big surprise.

Today I was feeling a little
"spunky" and all over the place
I figured I'd post the outfit anyways.

YES! It was snowing on my photoshoot! Wtf.

Don't laugh at me but...
Navy Blue Blazer,
Mustard Yellow Basic Long sleeve,
Navy Blue/Grey Striped Pencil Skirt,
Earrings, Ring, AND Leggings: All from FOREVER 21!
Surprised? I'd hope not.

Shoes: Deseret Industries
(I say it like nobody realizes it's the "DI")
Don't worry, shoes WERE disinfected before worn.
But I will admit DI has produced a few of my favorite things-
Thank goodness one man's trash can truly be anothers' treasure!
And the belt is from "Buckle"
Love it.

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