New York, New York
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of-

Boy, does Jay-Z sure know what he's talking about..!
Although I had visited the city before,
this trip may have been one of my favorites.
It was especially fun watching K in awe of its amazingness.

We decided to be awesome 
and walk a good 12 miles from the Ground Zero site
back to our hotel in Times Square. 
In case you were wondering, yes, our feet hated us for that later.
Aaaand they made it very clear. 
BUT, it turns out you see a LOT more on foot than 
taking subways (high fives all around)

We were able to see the Memorial site at Ground Zero
-Little Italy
-China Town 
(including Canal street where I have never felt so concerned about my safety when dealing with a small Asian woman)
-Greenwich Village
-Bought a ring for only "two damn dollas"
Do PLENTY of shopping
(See photos of K's suite buying experience)
Eat "street" hot dogs
and have WAY more fun than ever expected.
We were like little kids in a candy store...
especially when we were actually in a candy store!

Later included many more adventures including
Grand Central Station
THEE best Gyro's EVER. Hands down.
Empire State Building
and of course, MORE shopping.

I'd say we didn't do half bad for only being there 
TWO days.
Don't worry New York, we'll be back.
Be ready.

 Only a few of the hundreds of photos taken.

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