Workin' for the weekend...


I would be lying if I said we had an awesome weekend...
It was BETTER than awesome.
Thursdayyy I decided to be spontaneous (you know, since we are still have the ability to run off and not be responsible) and I told Kimball at 3:30 I was leaving work early and we were going to run away to Park City for the evening. We stopped by the SkullCandy store and picked me up some new saweet headphones, walked around Main Street and the outlets and shopped a little, of course. Ate at our all time favorite place- Cafe Rio! aaaand went to the free concert in the park.

Fridayyy we barbecued at our humble abode, and then decided to be BIGG spenders and hit a dollar movie. It was my turn to pick, luckily, because I sure do know how to pick em'! We ended up seeing "What to expect when you're expecting" and pretty much laughed for an hour and a half. Good work, me- *pat on the back*  
Since the movie ended at 9:00 PM and we haven't completely succumbed to the "old married" lifestyle, we decided to stay out and get Cold Stone (cake batter with raspberries and toasted coconut, try it- you will NOT be disappointed) and due to some pretty amazing smells coming from next door- ended up ordering a Pie pizza. I honestly don't think we've been that wild since college, and it felt pretty darn good :) 
Ok, that makes us sound super lame, but really! Pizza at 11:00 PM? Talk about a good weekend!

All taken with my iPhone- excuse the quality.

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