Happy número tres mi amor!!





three years is something to be proud of. the first two were amazing, but this last year has been a blast!! what better way to bring on the fourth than with a fun filled day of cinnamon rolls, getting drenched, pretending to be 12 again (oh yes, we were possibly the only ones there without children or actually children ourselves), that stomach-in-your-throat, dropping sensation that i LIVE for, and laughing so hard i was in tears at times....?!?! needless to say, lagoon was nothing less than a success, obviously, because i got to plan this year! 
after a little TOO much fun in the sun and realizing we are definitely NOT still 12 years old and truly are the old boring married couple that we are trying to keep hidden for a long, long time- we drove home to rest our exhausted little selves. our all-time favorite, super-duper romantic anniversary dinner followed- cafe rio. there's nothing more romantic than a bunch of cafe-rio workers screaming "free meal" and "extrrrra meat". totally puts me in the mood. but that's a story for another day. 

happy 3rd my love!! here's to an eternity more and i just can't wait!

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