possibly my least favorite activity. ever.


i have one word to describe how i feel about gardening.
i do not have a green thumb
i do not have the time
and i do not have the patience to garden.

however, there is a slight possibility that we may be selling our house soon and it was about time we got out there are did some good ol' fashioned labor in the blazing hot sun. sounds like a party, right?

turns out, two huge garbage cans filled-to-the-brim later, 
it actually feels pretty good to see all that hard work pay off 
with a new snazzy looking yard
plus, i got a little sun and probably sweat off a few pounds in the 98 degree weather... bonus!

pictures taken with iPhone. grrrreat quality.

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  1. Hope this included lots of spf! Keep that beautiful skin beautiful (and healthy) as long as possible.