awkward things


is it just me or do awkward things...happen...a...lot?
maybe just to me.

-sneezing really loud, followed by excusing myself and saying "wow, that was a big one", only to realize i am all alone.
-having multiple people ask me if i meant to wear shorts over my leggings. 
...really?? ..i guess that's a valid questions. it could look awkward to some
-walking up behind who i think is my hubby to grab his booty (because i do this a lot) and notice it's his brother. oh, hey little bro...awkward...
-deciding i don't need a cart at the grocery store because i'm only there to grab like, 3 things, then stumbling up to the checkout line with 9 different things dropping every which way (how i even fit 9 things in my hands, one being a half gallon of milk, i am still impressed about, but still, it looked awkward)
-having one of those things that i'm buying at the grocery store end up being tampons. nuff' said.
and finally...
wanting to wear my fall clothes so badly that i will sweat all day. 
all in the name of fashion.
or stupidity.
you make the call.

sweater: bb dakota maya sweater, black t: bobi, leggings: f21 
denim shorts: diy cutoffs, boots: steve madden, tan beanie: dakine, 
sunnies: ray ban mirrored, all-seeing, clutch: steve madden (another killer tj maxx find!)
jewelry consists of... both shorter necklaces ("k" & crystal bullet necklaces): lolabella,
bullet necklace: made by me!, & long chain all-seeing eye necklace: brandy melville

wow. i was wearing a lot of stuff.


  1. Okay your blog is DARLING!
    Excited to read and follow

    1. M+S-
      Thanks girl! I'm so glad you like and will keep following along!

  2. Gosh, I just love your blog! You have such a great sense of style, and are always still modest. That is important I think when you are a blogger- to be a good example to others. Anyway, I love your outfit post today (well I love the outfit posts everyday). I just love that cardigan, and seeing eye necklace. Now I think I will have to buy them for myself!

    1. Addison-
      You are so sweet! Obviously modesty is a large part due to my religion, but I've also realized it is SOO much easier than I thought to look cute and be modest at the same time! I have also always loved a challenge, so it's fun to try new things all the time and see what works and what doesn't. SOO glad you are following along!

  3. Hey did you make the bullet necklace.. ILOVEIT!!