blending in with the fence. whoops.


another lazy hair day = me wearing a hat
it's just too easy.
at least i dressed semi-appropriate for the weather today
yes, i'll wait for my round of applause

however, on the up-side
i am now only working 4 days a week and hubby is able to 
take off fridays with me!!!
(a little background on this: hubby has always worked 6 days a week
due to being in the "car business" and saturdays being his "biggest day"
so for the past year that i've been working 5 days a week we rarely get
"days off" together. so yeah, i'm a little ecstatic)
on our day off yesterday we:
slept in.
took outfit photos. (hubby's fave)
went to drive-by our potential new house
and met potential new neighbors.
laid around and nothing. (my fave)
hubby went golfing. i went shopping. (double faves)
and then had dinner with our besties and couples date night. 

needless to say. day off was a success.

fedora: nordstrom bp (similar), leopard print shirt: tj maxx (similar), belt: thrifted
jeans: h&m (similar), shoes: target (found here)
necklace: brandy melville (found here), bangles: f21 & brandy melville


  1. I LOVE your style girl! I'm a fan of leopard. Your newest follower!

  2. Sounds like the perfect day! You look fabulous!

    xo Emily

  3. Looking good! Sounds like the perfect Friday.

  4. Hey Robyn!

    Found you via MFB.
    I always love seeing new bloggers join MFB.
    And I'm happy I found your darling blog!
    Excited to follow along. ;)


  5. Another great outfit. Loving it. I've seriously gotta get me some hats for those dressed bad hair days. . :-) thanks again. Loving your blogs.