cabin fun...!


we were naughty today...
and skipped out on church a little early today to go play...aaand i'm pretty darn happy we did! i am possibly my happiest when surrounded by beautiful trees, a mountain breeze, a killer bbq (w/ bomb-diggity bratwursts), and some good ol' fashioned fourwheelin'! 
so i put on my super-heros t-shirt and we cruised on down to oakley to the cabin and seriously benefited from all those wonderful things listed above! 
so i guess somedays it's okay to be a little naughty right? especially on the days when i can get my hubby to dress up like this (see below) and party like it's 1969!

"oh wait, are you taking pictures...?!"

the stew crew

1 comment:

  1. SO fun!

    Def. OK to be naughty every once in a while.

    great pictures. you and your hubs are the cutest!