celebration time!


friday night we went out to celebrate buying our new house!
we have a slight addiction to the cheesecake factory
and go at least once a month... 
last night was no different and gave us even more of a reason to eat like kings!
we have a "usual" and the guys at the bar know us, 
practically have my diet coke with lime ready for when we sit down, 
and even know what we usually get.
(it's a little sad. but awesome at the same time)
but since last night was a little more special than the everyday 
philly cheesesteak for the hubs and thai peanut chicken lettuce wraps for moi
we decided to go all out and got the bang bang chicken and shrimp curry
best. idea. ever.
no lie. it may be my new favorite thing. ever.
just had to share for all you cheesecake factory lovers out there!
if you're anything like us, you will be all over this stuff!!

oh, and in case you're interested...
here's what i was wearing!

alright, i just have to take a minute and say 
how much i looove these shoes.
i do. and that's all.

beatles t shirt: old (similar), black blazer: tj maxx (similar), jeans: true religion
shoes: dsw, clutch: steve madden, necklace: f21
watch: windsor, stud wrap bracelet: f21


  1. Love those shoes! They look amazing on you! I need to try those thai peanuts wraps, sounds delicious!

    1. Bridgette Nicole- you definitely need to try them!! They are on their skinny menu and they're like $6 and fill me up! Ahh.. I love Cheesecake Factory... haha!

  2. Your shoes are perfection! Love them!! And the curry meal sounds incredible!! I'll be getting that the next time I go!!

  3. Cheesecake factory is one of my favorite restaurants ever! They have amazing food!

    I looove your shoes!

  4. those shoes are amazing. we understand your obsession!!! actually- your whole look is amazing. perfect for a friday night date. congrats on the house.

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley