classy or clashing..?


that is the question.
if there's anything i've learned not to do
is to be scared about print mixing!
who said you can't put polka dots with leopard?
mix in a few neutral, simple accessories like a black clutch, black belt, 
and black shoes and it keeps it from looking too messy or over-chaotic. 
however, it will make for a fun, stand-out outfit!

so what do you say...
classy or clashing?

polkadot blouse: tj maxx, leopard skirt/belt: ross, shoes: qupid (forever young)
clutch: steve madden, bangles: f21 & nordstrom

i know it's probably annoying to hear i get half of this stuff at tj maxx and ross
but these were both pretty recent purchases so you may still be able to find them!


  1. i still haven't done the mix and matching. i just can't find an outfit that looks like it really goes. but i think you did it well.

  2. SO classy and definitely not clashing. I love those shoes!!!

  3. Yes Classy.. and the polka dots are so small it works really well. Another great outfit.. you always look stunning!.. thanks for sharing.

  4. I love polka dots with ANY other patterns! This is totally cute.
    I just put your button on my blog

  5. CLASSY! Love the way you mixed these prints! Thanks for the Instagram love. We love your blog, you've got a new follower out of us! xo

  6. So so classy! I love this look, like a lot! You are just gorgeous! I always get scared to mix prints but this makes me oh so confident that it is fabulous! New follower.

  7. You are do dang cute! I love it. New follower!

    xo Emily

  8. love! so classy I'm your new follower :)

  9. Oh my gosh! I seriously LOVE your shoes!! Did you get them recently?

    1. Thank you! I actually got them about 6 months ago- they may still have them though!

  10. This is all the way CLASSY!!! I'm always nervous to mix prints but I've been seeing it done a lot lately.. You definitely pulled it off well.