diy ombre glittery nails -ish


i found a pretty sa-weet pin on pinterest 
(ps. my auto spell correct hates the word "pinterest". it doesn't realize that i DON'T want to type "interest" and actually really want to type "pinterest", even after the 79th time!)
anywho, it looked pretty cool, and i just so happened to have the perfect eye shadow that worked like a charm!

so check it and try it!
easy as...

1. paint nails. (simple enough right?)

2. find a powdery type eye shadow, preferable a glittery/shiny one with little pigment. i found this nb eyeshadow at tj maxx.

3. after the second coat of polish, tap a small amount of the shadow below the nail 

4. lightly blow the glitter onto the wet polish
(super lovely picture of me blowing, i know)

aaaaaand there you have it!
let it dry and apply a top coat after the shadow has set

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