my oh my...


who hates moving?? raise your hand!
(i'm raising my hand)

i may be slightly m.i.a for a while due to 

remember how i posted a little while ago that i felt like my house had been picked up by a tornado twice, yada yada yada...
well take that and times it by about 246 and that is now 
what you can envision my house looking like
 this is understandable given the situation (situation = moving)
but for those of you who know me personally, i'm a bit of a freak.
a neat freak that is.
so having things laying all over the floor, hundreds of things out of place and 
a thousand boxes laying around...
well, let's just say i'm still sane and functioning, for now...
my mom always said "there's a place for everything and everything in its place"
 and i'm getting the feeling things won't be finding their "place" anytime soon. 

with all that complaining out of the way...
good news is i'm leaving for the weekend to st. george for a "girl's weekend" 
with my momma and sista's!
a little retail therapy and some good girl time ought to cure me of my 
crazy moving lady moments i've been having
i'm sure husband will be grateful for girl's weekend once i'm back and normal again

little does he know, he gets packing duty for the weekend!

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  1. moving is the worst! hopefully you're moving someplace you'll love - best wishes!