park city in october


take it in and just look at that view!
i could wake up to that every day for the rest of my life and be just fine.

we decided to play hooky again this weekend and went up to park city with some friends to stay in their condo up near stein eriksen lodge
we have practically made this a tradition and do it a few times a year with the warnocks and the sivertson's
and boy do we look forward to weekends at the condo!
they always include: 
great friends
great food
laughing-till-you-cry sessions
card games (and intense rounds of pictionary with lots of yelling)
shopping (duh)
hot tubbin' in the freezing cold 
plenty of girl talk
and staying up until 3 am (at least!)

we had a little different crew this weekend since the sivertson's were unable to attend this time (and were deeply missed!!)
but we had a great time and the condo did not disappoint! 
possibly my favorite part about this weekend though, was the amazing scenery!
there is nothing quite like a fall day in park city. priceless!

thanks for such a fun weekend guys! 


also, as promised, the giveaway for the mttheory sunglasses will start today and the winner will be announced next sunday!
 so you have a whole week to enter!

how to enter:
1. be a follower of cleverly yours
2. be a follower on instagram (robynstew8)
3. leave a comment below telling me how much you love these and want them!

also, check out mttheory's website to check out their other styles
like the ones i'm wearing below!


  1. My birthday recently passed and I was thinking about getting one, perfect timing don't you think? :)There are so many different kinds to pick from and they're super cute! I love them lots and really hope to win one! It would make me a very happy belated birthday girl! haha :)

  2. Pretty much the cutest sunglasses ever! Fingers crossed. :)

  3. Love these glasses especially the ones you are wearing they are so girly! And I love your blog, you are adorable! :)

    XOXO Mariah

  4. Lovin those sunnies. Seriously want to win!

  5. I love those sunglasses! I live on an island and can always use a new pair of sunglasses!!!

  6. Checked out the online store...DYING of an awesome overdose!

  7. I'm a follower and I love these sunnies and summer is just about to arrive where i am yeeha!!. anyway loving them please enter me too. Fingers crossed.

  8. I'm a follower on instagram and on here! :) I would LOVE to win these sunglasses. They are very cute and girly!

  9. what a fun weekend!! I want to do something like that with my girlfriends!! just found your blog from momma's me time and am glad I did! following your blog!

  10. So pretty!!! I think I need to add Park City onto my to do list. Esp in October! Love the sunnies! I could sport those for sure! xoxo

  11. I'm a die hard follower Robyn. My friend Blair and I have dubbed you our new friend and we thoroughly enjoy discussing your fashion every day.
    I would love to win a pair of stylish new shades !

  12. Love the sunglasses and LOVE your style. Hope to win these!(:

  13. I follow your blog. One of my favorite daily reads :)

  14. And.... I live here in SUNNY California. I would wear these shades probably everyday :) love your blog and your style girl!

  15. Those first two pictures are amazing! I am new to your blog and always in need of some new shades!

  16. I am most definitely a follower of your blog and instagram!! And man alive those sunglasses are soo cute, and I am in desperate need of new sunglasses! Hope I can win!!

  17. Oh this is making me miss our cabin there! Tennessee is far!

  18. LOVE the sunglasses. Not only do I want them...but I NEED them haha....broke my 4th pair of cheapo Target sunglasses last week and now I can't even look at people outside because my squinting makes it look like im angry! (Laaaaazy haha)