bringing them back...


welcome back bib overalls, i greet you with open arms!
believe it or not, i'm extremely sentimental and keep just about every clothing item i've ever owned that means something to me. (hubs calls it being a "pack-rat", not being sentimental) either way, i found my bib-overalls from high school (silver jean brand, might i add) in my closet a while ago and just couldn't let them go. i know i'll never wear them, but i kept thinking they may come back in style and i could somehow find a way to rock them! lo and behold, free people came out with these bibs (and a couple other cute pairs) and i knew it was time i could finally wear them and not feel like i stepped right out of the 90's...
speaking of when all this awesomeness was popular- these also give a total 1970's look with the wide leg bell bottom flare. oh gol, i could go on for days about how much i love these. 
but i won't. 
what other trends are you noticing that have come back in style?

bib overalls: free people (also loving these and these), loose top: brandy melville, arrow bracelet: brandy melville

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  1. LOVE your overalls! You are gorgeous.

  2. Looks stylish :)

  3. Those are so cute!! They look comfy to!

  4. im kinda a hoarder when it comes to clothes too. i have things i haven't worn in over a year and im still like..."but there might come a time when i want to wear it!! and when that time comes, ill be so sad if i don't have it!!" haha

    ps you work those overalls!! :)

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  5. those still fit you so well! they look so comfy with a henley and your pretty smile. i definitely have items of clothing i'm waiting to come back in style hidden in the back of my closet. you were smart to save these!
    happy three-day-weekend!

  6. I'm living the bib overalls, especially with a trouser leg!


  7. love that you can pull these off girl! also wish i had enough room to keep all my clothes!


  8. Love these! I would totally wear them if they came back, these look so stylish and cute!

  9. OHHHHHH my goodness! I didn't know overalls were back in style! So exciting. You look fab.

  10. I love that you're rockin the overalls! I'm loving all the 90's grunge trends I'm seeing flannel tied around the waist! I kinda wanna give it a go!

  11. I love love LOVE these!! You look amazing!! Now are the ones you are wearing yours or did you get them at free people?? I love saving cute clothes that come back to fashion :)


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