eyes on tees


 ok, i did one of the biggest blogger no-no's in these pictures and i was hoping no one would catch it but come on, we all know you will! 
yes, i left my hair tie on my wrist. and yes, i am embarrassed. if hubs wouldn't have been in a hurry to get to work i would have made him retake them, but instead this is what you're getting!  how do i sleep at night, right? haha! so maybe that's a little overdramatic, but it really is one of my biggest pet peeves. so other than an annoying black hair tie in all the shots- try to focus your eyes on something else- like on my tee! (no pun intended)
i had a lovely reader contact me with this super cute idea and i kind of love what she's got going on! her site is called eyes on tees and she actually custom made mine to look like me- the blue eyed girl with the red glasses! :)
not only did she send me such a cute shirt but she also wanted one of my awesome followers to receive one as well! there are so many cute ones to choose from- (besides mine, i love this one!)
so get to entering!! 
here's how:
1. you must be a follower of cleverly, yours
2. follow robynstew8 on instagram
3. go to eyesontees.com and comment below letting me know which tee you would choose if you won!

good luck!!

t shirt: c/o eyes on tees, flannel shirt: old (similar), blazer: tj maxi (similar), jeans: true religion, boots: steve madden
glasses: pacsun (similar), necklace: c/o windsor, bracelets: c/o stylelately & brandy melville, rings: c/o stylelately


  1. Your hair tie! I NEVER would have noticed. haha! I love this tee though. So so cute! I am following you & actually am really digging the tee. lol.

  2. I hate when husbands are in a rush! Your hair tie doesn't ruin your photos though!
    I already follow you on Instagram and here!
    Love your tee - I would choose the Red-Y like yours! A gray T is a must!
    Style in the City

  3. I already follow your blog and instagram. :) I really love your tee!

  4. I am a follower of your blog and Instagram! I love your outfits PS! if I won, i would like the hotter than hot pink tee, in grey

  5. Sorry if tis is multi-commenting I can't tell if its going through or not! Already following you on both and live the hotter than hot pink and the red-y! To cute!

  6. I love the one your wearing girl!!!!!!!! And of course I be following you!!!!!!!! Everywhere duh! ;)

  7. Cute shirt! I love the one you are wearing...blue eyes :)

  8. Already follow your blog and instagram! If I won I'd like the Red-Y or Eyes wide shutters in grey!!

  9. I am a follower on both already! :) If I won I would like to get i-Pixelate (Blue one) or Eyes Wide Shutters (grey). Love these shirts!

  10. Of course I follow u on both.
    IG @Neya_AJ

    I would love the black tee. In a medium.

    And stop it with the hair tie. Lol. We are our own worse critic lol

  11. haha I'm a freak about having hair ties on my wrist in pictures, totally get it :) This shirt is so cute and unique, I love the grey and red!

    Ive kept up with your blog for a while now but just officially started following! Your style is amazing and I want to thank you for introducing me to siraandmara and zara. I'm completely obsessed with my turquoise necklace and favorite grey T-shirt with leather sleeves!! Follow me back on IG @h_uhl

  12. I am following both places! These t's are hilarious! I would have to the choose the turtle wood shirt!

  13. I would definitely go with the hotter than hot pink shirt in black!! Too cute!! :) I already follow you everywhere possible. lol. <3

  14. I follow you on both! I really like the one you have (Red-Y) in grey, a Medium! Such a cool shirt!

  15. Love your blog! I would def go with the hotter than hot in black :)

  16. As some of the previous people said that if you didn't mention your hair tie, I would have thought it belonged there! :)))


  17. I actually have to have the hair tie on my wrist or else I feel naked haha but as far as the giveaway goes: Ihave bee a follower of yours for awhile now, I don't have instagram because my phone and I live in 2007 and I would get a grey tee with black glasses! These are so cute!


  18. I already obsess over your blog and instagram but I am also a blue eyed beauty so I love the one you are wearing. I wish there was a blue eyed with the tortoise shell cat eyes glasses. So adorable!!

  19. I obsess over your blog and instagram already! I am also a blue eyed beauty so I love the one you are wearing. I do wish there was a blue eyed tee with the tortoise shell cat eyes, it's so amazing!

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  21. Oops forgot to add that I also follow you on Instagram as frapattak

    New to the blogging world and inspired by yours!
    I would choose the "Turtle Wood" on a grey shirt! Love how unique her designs are!


  22. hey that's totally MY thing to leave a hairband on the wrist. lame! haha!

  23. okay how adorable are you?!?! love this post!
    so fun!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  24. Classic E.O.T. Grey, in Medium :)
    Of course already following on instagram Morgancraig01
    Love your blog & thanks for the chance to win!

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  26. hahahah Its looks so funny.. but looks nice and different style... its a best outfit for the winter season..