happy new year!


wow. what can i say- it was quite the weekend!
first of all, happy new year! i hope everyone is as ready for 2013 as i am! although 2012 was pretty fantastic, i'm ready for a new fresh year, and have a few resolutions to kick it off with!
but first of all, let's talk about vegas.
we were initially just going down for our good friends' wedding on the 29th in the las vegas temple, but figured if we're already there, why not stay over new years..?! we have done new years in vegas before and it's pretty crazy, over 400,000 people come to vegas for new years and it's probably the most crowded time of year. for some reason though, we decided to do it again. we were going down with hubs' family and they treated us to all sorts of great shows, amazing meals, and a darn good time overall. 
saturday we were at the wedding and wedding dinner the majority of the day- (btw, congrats kory and natalie! we love you and you both looked beautiful! :) 
sunday the boys headed out to the track to race ferrari's (hubs' gift to his dad for christmas/birthday) and the girls hit the spa for massages, which were a.ma.zing. that night we ate at serendipity3, saw rock of ages and jammed out to 80's music all night! i would highly recommend this show if you have a love for 80's rock like i do. the music was amazing and the show, so very entertaining! 
monday was new years eve and this was our shopping day, if you can tell by the pictures we were very successful and i did a little damage to our credit card. (outfit posts are soon to come! :) while shopping in caesars we couldn't pass up eating at cheesecake factory (our favorite) and headed back to the hotel to see criss angel. not only was the magic amazing and pretty mind blowing, but i was actually picked from the crowd and pulled up on stage as a volunteer. i didn't do much, but criss angel told me i looked beautiful and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. hubs was so proud and a little jealous ;) (not really). unfortunately they weren't able to get any pictures during the actual show, but it made for some serious entertainment for the rest of the fam! 
that night we brought in the new year out on the strip with our party hats, noise makers, and amazing fireworks show and had ourselves a good ol' sober, new years eve in vegas! 
thank you to my awesome second family for making it such a fun trip and to our good friends that chose to be married in such a beautiful temple at such a convenient time :)
here are a few pics (from our phones, hence the terrible quality) to prove the great time we had.

hope everyone had a very happy new year!

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