V-day post #2


here's a little sneak peak of our actual valentines day! 
a romantic (and extremely filling) valentines dinner at the braza grill where we ate more fancy kinds of foods in one meal than i usually do in a month (and possibly more food than i eat in 72 hours). 
...gotta love those those brazilian restaurants, what with their deep fried bananas, cheesy bread, bacon wrapped goodies and everything else you can think of that is not included on my "healthy eating plan" ;)
as for the after party, there ware roses, candles, a little fake champagne, some chocolate covered strawberries, lovey-dovey, mushy cards, and lots of i love you's to go around! 
not that i need a specific day to remember how much i love my hubby, but it is kind of fun to spend a day to being all mushy-gushy! i love this boy more and more every day and am the luckiest girl there is to have such a great hubs! 


  1. Love your outfit! Sooooo much right.

    xo Ashley

  2. What color lipstick is that? I LOVE it!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  3. Beautiful! It sounds like a romantic (and filling) evening!!