blizzards in march


so i let everyone weigh in on the "bangs" idea and i got some mixed reviews, here's the beauty of the bangs- i can please everyone. including myself! so today was a "go" on the bangs- especially when paired with my favorite beanie! 
funny story about wearing beanies- a week ago it was warm enough to wear t-shirts and yesterday was a blizzard outside! so i did what any normal utah'n does when the weather changes on you in an instant and busted out my favorite winter clothes again for round 2 of pretend winter. i wouldn't, however, sacrifice wearing my low top converse for warmth! every once in a while, i'll put my foot down and not let the pretend winter win. plus, they look so much cuter paired with my cute galaxy leggings! 
as for the rest of the outfit, you may have noticed this similar sweater in a past post- let's just say i love it enough to have it in two colors, and if any of you are proud wildfox "baggy beach jumper" owners, you understand why. these sweaters are about as soft as cashmere and the comfiest sweaters around! 

wildfox sweater: c/o flight boutique, galaxy leggings: c/o stylelately, shoes: converse, beanie: amazon
antique black ring: c/o brumby's accessories, chain ring: c/o windsor, knuckle ring: c/o stylelately, iPhone case: c/o cariloha


  1. boooooo for blizzards in march!! good thing you look just too too cute! love the bangs girl - you have amazing hair

  2. This is the only galaxy print that I've liked. Also, I like the bangs, fake or not. We're about to get all your snow tomorrow :( Dreading it

    xo Ashley

  3. Ahhh you make that blizzard look so cute :)

  4. utah is SUCH a tease and so temperamental! i can't wait for real spring to come!

    but seriously, your bangs are bangin'.

  5. Love your leggings and your hair is gorgeous! We have had snow blizzards in the Uk too!

    Be great if you could check my two latest sports luxe outfit posts. Would love to know which you prefer: BOY London | Sports Luxe Outfit 1 or Celine Paris | Sports Luxe Outfit 2

    Thanks :) Charlie UK Fashion Blog | Lurch Hound Loves xx

    1. Oh and I am your latest follower too on GFC :) xx

  6. FYI Love the bangs... and I love that this outfit post was taken when it is snowing... great post!

  7. you are so pretty! I love the bangs!

  8. what lipstick and lipliner are u wearing?? SO pretty!!!!

  9. Do you wear anything under your leggings? I bought the same ones and found that they're kind of see through