dress it up or dress it down: blazers


happy monday! 
i know i've been a little m.i.a lately and kinda skipped out on posting last week but i'm back and killing two birds with one stone today! not only are we talking about how to dress up or dress down blazers today, but one of these outfits was actually one of the six outfits chose by you to have me re-post outfit details for! 
so let's talk a little bit about blazers. personally, i love them and own them in every color, but i used to think i always had to wear them with dressier type things and of course wore them to work all the time, so i rarely dressed them down. then boyfriend blazers came about and all of a sudden they were much less fitted, less "professional" and much more versatile! so with me being the blazer lover that i am, this was exciting news. so how can you wear a blazer go from
day <---------------------------- to ---------------------------> night

dressing a boyfriend blazer down really isn't all that difficult. it's usually already a looser fit and creates a more slouched look. i feel like it is all about the accessories you use when creating a more comfortable look! a beanie and my big prescription glasses went a long way to make this look relaxed, along with the sneaker wedges and big hobo bag, it definitely looks more "out and about" and slightly less "headed to work". this is my favorite way to wear a blazer and i may have to pair a beanie with it every time now!
 blazer: h&m, black tank: f21, pants: h&m, wedges: necessary clothing, beanie: amazon, glasses: c/o proof eyewear
bag: uo, necklace: c/o stylately, watch: c/o feral watches, spike bracelet: c/o sira mara, spike bracelet: c/o stylelately


 now, most people know how to make a blazer look more "put together". add a nice blouse, some heels and a clutch and you could be headed to work or out for a girls' night! i even went a step further with the liquid leggings and thought it looked not only put together, but even a little edgy (which i apparently like to do from time to time). i was actually really excited after i put this one together and want to wear it out asap! now, i just have to find somewhere fancy to go.... :)
boyfriend blazer: h&m, aztec blouse: c/o a cut above boutique, liquid leggings: c/o windsor, shoes: jessica simpson (old) 
clutch: nine west, watch: nordstrom, ring: f21, necklace: c/o cora lane


  1. adore your site! came over from instagram! such great style! new gfc follower :)

    XO Meghan

  2. I love blazers! My husband likes to call me Ellen every time I wear them though lol.
    Both these outfits are gorgeous thanks for the a dive :)
    Mavy May Designs

  3. Love these looks. Love the blazer and the beanie!!!




  4. I have the same blazer that needs to come out of retirement from my closet! Now I have a ton of ideas on how to style it! Thanks for sharing!


  5. I like it paired with the coated jeans. Looks so good!
    Method Clothe

  6. Love both of these outfits so much it hurts! Wish they were in separate posts though. Oh well, you look fabulous as always :)

    xo Ashley

  7. Aw, you are too cute girl! Loving both of these looks! Especially those liquid leggings! Wishing I could pull those off ;)
    xo TJ

  8. Hi! I love your beanie, but I can't find it on amazon. Do you happen to have the link to where you bought it? Or even have the name/item number? I love it so much! Thanks!