i want proof.


the second i saw this skirt i knew i had to have it. i would love nothing more than to have a jacket, leggings, t-shirt, sunnies, bag, and anything else you can think of made out of this print! windsor definitely did it right with this skirt, as well as this amazing jacket! the hi-low look is very "in" and can be used with just about anything, t-shirts, skirts and obviously jackets! i added these beige/tan accents with my shoes and bag to offset all the black, which can sometimes look like a train-wreck, but with this particular outfit i felt like it worked.

now...i am SO excited to offer another amazing giveaway to my amazing readers! (you guys know how much i love you, right?!) it's obvious because between me and some awesome sponsors we want to give you lots of free stuff! today one lucky reader will be able to win a pair of proof eyewear sunglasses or prescription glasses of your choice! i'm sure you have all seen me sporting my proofs a lot lately because they are not only ridiculously good looking, but are so comfortable i can actually stand to wear them all day, unlike some of my sunnies! i was so glad i snagged a prescription pair as well because i get compliments on them all the time! 
here's how to enter (and make sure you do because you do NOT want to miss out on a pair of these!):
1. you must be a follower of cleverly, yours
2. follow @robynstew8 AND @proofeyewear on instagram
3. follow cleverly, yours and proof eyewear on facebook
4. check out proofs website and comment below letting me know which pair you would choose if you were to win! 
giveaway will end next friday the 8th and the winner will be announced next saturday the 9th- on my birthday! you got it right, i am giving away presents on my birthday! ;)
also, for those of you who don't win the actual giveaway- proof still wants you to look good in a pair of these sunnies and is offering a 15% discount to all cleverly, yours readers! you can use the code cleverlyours at checkout to receive the discount! the discount offer will be valid for 2 months. 
good luck!!
zip jacket: c/o windsor, skirt: c/o windsor, black tights: tj maxx, shoes: c/o windsor, bag: free people, sunnies: c/o proof
necklace: c/o windsor, chain ring: c/o windsor, turquoise ring: c/o holly lauren, knuckle ring: c/o stylelately

to see if you won the urban philosophy giveaway click here.
also, make sure to enter the holly lauren giveaway here!

aaaand CONGRATULATIONS to AnnaLise- the winner of the tie dye stylelately leggings! 
email me @ robynstewart4@gmail.com to claim your awesome prize! 

Done done and done! I just love all of their leggings, so cool! The across the universe leggings rock! :)


  1. LOVE THIS PRINT!!! super cute on you, you always look perfect. anyways, i follow your blog and your insta!!

  2. LOOOVE this look and this skirt! I actually have this skirt pin'ed on my pinterest board!
    Style in the City

  3. Love this!! You look super cute and chic!!!
    I follow your blog, you on instagram and on facebook
    I followed Proof eye wear on instagram and facebook!

    I love their Pledge Turquoise Grey!

    Xoxo Iris!

  4. LOVEEE the pattern of the skirt. Too cute!

  5. I would buy just about anything with that print on it! It's hard to find a good southwestern-style print with out it looking too southwestern (you know what I mean?). Adorable!

  6. Steps 1-3, check. Step 4: I love the Bird Stained Bamboo sunglasses! They are super cute and I'm pretty sure they could go with just about anything!

  7. that skirt is SOO FREAKING cute.. too bad I could NEVER wear it with the G's!

  8. I ADORE these glasses! Provo lacewood gold or the tribe turquoise gray. but really, there are too many good ones to choose from without some serious deliberation. I followed all the steps, fingers crossed :)

  9. I followed all the steps! I love the Tribe black grey sunglasses! Also absolutely LOVE your style!

  10. You are seriously so cute! I can't believe that I am just finding your blog! Love your style!! Loving the proof glasses too! I just saw these guys on shark tank! I would love to have the Boise lacewood gold!! So freakin cute! Steps 1-4 complete! ✔

  11. Followed all the steps and would choose Tribe turquoise grey if I won. :)

  12. Tribe Bone Grey...following on facebook and instagram!

  13. Steps complete! Love these guys and your shoes!

    Bud Ebony Kush

  14. Done done done! And I loooove the Mccall ebony grey!

  15. Followed Proof! If I won I would get the Pledge Transitions!

  16. You are adorable!!! I love that skirt soooo much!!!:)



  17. I lovelove your blog & these sunglasses! I think I would pick the Tribe turquoise grey (same ones you are wearing in your pics I think!) I like my sunnies to be unique and these are totally that! Love!

  18. All the steps are complete! I have recently become obsessed with wood sunglasses and have been dying for a pair. I absolutely love the Ontario ebony polarized! Your skirt is also amazing and I know how overrated steering wheel covers are, but I totally have one in the same exact print as the skirt and I am in love with it! Thanks for the giveaway (:

  19. Yayyyy I followed everyone/everything! I need new glasses soo bad - I really like the Loom Black glasses!

  20. Prescription Sunglasses

    They really suit you. I need to get some new glasses soon - I will check out the website.

  21. All the steps are complete! Im in love with the Ontario skate usa, blue. You look beautiful like always.