wearing "fat" jeans... ;)


so, i've had a few people ask about what tee i was wearing and where i got it from when i had taken pictures for my last post spilling the beans about the new babes. wellllll...lucky for all of us i had decided to take a few extra photos while we were standing outside the doctor's office :) so here's a quick post. this is my "i'm going to the dr. today and want to be comfy" outfit apparently. this is also my "these are my stretchy jeans because i feel bloated and chubby around my midsection" kind of jeans. (it may not be pretty, but it's true. and sooo nice to finally be able to say outloud! haha!) 
my favorite part about these jeans are the rips at the bottoms! they are unlike any other pair of jeans i own, and i learned in a quick hurry after i bought my first pair of genetic's that they were worth every penny! this is now my third pair and they are the kind of jeans i will spend a little more money on because they are so comfy! throw on a comfy baseball tee and you have my kind of outfit all day long! aaand if there's anything i've learned while being pregnant so far, it's that comfy is key and every once in a while actually takes precedence over being uber fashionable! who'da thunk?!
also, i have to take a second to say thank you so so SO much for all your sincerely sweet comments on both here and instagram. like i had said before, i was as excited to tell all my sweet readers about the new little addition as i was to tell everyone else. i can feel some serious love and support and i can't wait to share the rest of this crazy, wonderful journey with you all! so again, thank you for being so darn amazing!! xoxo

baseball tee: alternative apparel (similar), jeans: genetic denim, shoes: target, bag: c/o windsor, sunnies: c/o windsor
watch: c/o feral watches, spike bracelet: c/o stylelately, stack rings: c/o windsor, aztec ring: c/o windsor


  1. seriously cannot wait for preg outfits! you're adorable, robyn!

  2. gosh this is adorable. you are too cute!


  3. Super cute! Love all of this outfit from head to toe...

  4. Congrats on the little one! Loving this baseball tee, I've already got it in my cart to buy :) Can't wait to see all of your cute prego outfits!

    XO, Jamie

  5. I don't think you'll ever be in "fat" jeans haha
    You're so adorable - cannot wait for cute preggo posts!


  6. I love these jeans! I have been searching for the perfect pair of ripped jeans, yet can never seem to find them :P


  7. Congrats!!! I love the jeans they are to die for! Also I don't know anyone else who can make a baseball tee look so glamorous!


  8. Yay!! Having a baby is the most amazing thing in the world!!! So excited for you :) And you look gorgeous, as always!

    xoxo Jamie

  9. Those do not look like "fat" jeans to me haha, you look great. Congratulations!

    FACE IT Catalog

  10. You are the cutest!

    :) Taylor

  11. You look amazing! I found you on the "i am pregnant too" link up!!