a weekend away...


happy easter and i hope you all had a fun easter weekend!
you may have noticed i took off for a few days and took a little break from blogging, although i missed it slightly, it was such a fun weekend and was actually nice being away from the computer, internet and "busy life" in general! we headed down to st. george to spend the weekend with my cute parents and relax for a few days...and that's exactly what we did. nowhere to be, nothing to think about, just enjoying the 82 degree weather and doing all the fun random stuff we don't normally get to do! a few of those things included playing card games with my cute little card shark of a grandma, played a little golf, went to the st. george arts festival, ran into a good old friend i haven't seen in years, ate cinnamon almonds (my favorite!), played in a blue grass band (don't ask), spent great time with family, ate too much good food to count and did a little hiking before we left (a little spur of the moment, hence sandals and jeans, ha!). 
we had such a fun weekend and a very happy easter and i hope you all did as well!!

**also, a little reminder to you utah girls- i will be at city creek center today for the grand opening of albion fit's new store from 11am to 2pm, so come hang out, shop and get a $20 off your purchase by using the code "cleverly, yours" at checkout!! it will be so fun so stop by today!!**


  1. I love your tee shirt!! where did you get it! looks like you had fun :)

  2. Oh how fun... sometimes a little getaway is exactly what you need to clear your head!

  3. That looks like the most amazing place in the world to hike! I love hiking and I wish we had more awesome rock formations like that one in my area.

  4. You look so cute!! It looks like you had so much fun!! I LOVE those cinnamon almonds too!! Yum!!


  5. You guys are going to have the prettiest little babe!

    xo shimmermepretty.com