beetlejuice. beetlejuice. beetle......


oh monday again. a cold and dreary monday. what does make a monday like this better? some awesome jailbird striped beetlejuice pants, that's what! i completely fell in love with these once i saw them and love wearing them out- partly because they're a little controversial. i either get the looks from elderly people that say "this generation is so confused" or i get compliments like crazy... usually from the younger generation ;)
 i realized in a quick hurry that people will either love or hate what you do and that is just fine, i love being different and although not every person may or may not agree with my choice for the day, i love trying new things! these pants are a little bit of an eye grabber, and although i'm wearing them here a little more "grunge", they can also be dressed up so cute. maybe soon i will do a post showing how to dress them up, and at that point you'll probably be convinced that you need a pair of beetlejuice pants too ;) haha!
happy monday! and if spring wants to show up anytime soon, i wouldn't complain. just sayin'.

 t shirt: c/o hips & hair, striped pants: c/o urban philosophy, studded jacket: c/o windsor, shoes: f21, rings: c/o fresh tangerine
crystal necklace: c/o the oxford trunk, layered necklace: c/o seaworthy, stud bracelet: c/o stylelately, bracelets:brandy melville
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  1. I die!!! Love the whole outfit!!! How you styled those pants! Amazing! :)

  2. You are so stunning! Love this outfit! And you don't even look pregnant yet! Jealous!


  3. I've BEEN needing striped pants. NEEDING them. Also, who doesn't want Vader to look like miss Monroe every now and then? ;)

    xo Ashley

  4. Love your outfit and your blog!

  5. Not sure if I've missed it, but you MUST do a hair tutorial! You are so gorgeous! xox

  6. you are so cute! I love this look.

  7. I love this look.. I would be one of the complimenters ;) Those shoes are really great too!

  8. I would've complimented you! I love the black & white trend that's going on and love to be a little "controversial" with my clothes too so you would've been stopped and awed at if I saw you haha!


  9. LOVE those shoes!

  10. Such an amazing look!! Those pants and that jacket are so so awesome. Love your style! :)

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  11. Beetlejuice pants have never looked so good!

    Kylie Rae

  12. I just got pants like this from Forever21 and literally thought the exact same thing! I was I look too much like Beetlejuice?! haha but love your pairing.
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