blogging over at windsor today!


so i have recently been doing a few new fun things, one of them being styling for a local photographer, jorden keith, and all of his amazing shoots! these pictures were from the shoot yesterday where we were in this random area and i saw this fabulous sign, and figured since i looked like two scoops of ice cream myself (sherbet and chocolate chip, obviously!) i just had to snag a few photos! he will be taking a few of my blog photos from time to time if we accidentally happen to have an extra minute on a shoot :)
as for today's post- head over to windsor store's blog to see more photos and where i am talking about the outfit and find out where i got everything! (i'll give you a quick hint- it's all from windsor, hence, loving it all! ;)

find out where each of these items are from here


  1. Love this all!! So cute!

  2. You look fantastic! I'll be hopping on over to Windsor blog!

  3. Such a fun shoot! Looking forward to seeing more :)

    xo Kylie Rae
    Shimmer Me Pretty