i was flipping through some old pictures a couple days ago and realized it was around this time 4 years ago that we were taking these pictures and planning the wedding. it got me a little nostalgic and i realized although this little one is going to be a huge, huge blessing and make us happier than ever, we will never quite get back this time in our lives when it's just the two of us. we do as we please, go where we want and are more spontaneous than any normal couple should be! but i wouldn't change the last 4 years for the world, they have been 4 of the best and i love this boy more and more every day. especially when i remember how cool he is on his harley's and doing backflips in his suit and tie. i can't wait for baby to be here, but i'll definitely be cherishing my last months with just the hubs and i and taking advantage of every minute! 
(and in case you are wondering, i definitely wore my nike hightop dunks in my bridal photos. yes, i was super duper blonde at the time, and unfortunately these were my less "fashionable" days, the true religions speak for themselves ;)


  1. LOVE these shots. Your shoes are a nice touch ;)

  2. cute photos you look so different blonde!

    Jacqueline xx

  3. What amazing pics!! I love the shoes and ya look great blonde, miss!!!

  4. Awe! These are cute! I like the Nike high-tops haha!


  5. These pictures are amazing! I love the last one!