Tutorial: DIY Ombré Hair


yessss, finally! it worked and i was able to get this up! wahoo. 
this video will show you how i do my ombré hair- but there a couple of quick notes about this video before i let you watch...
1. i am not an expert on any level, i did not go to beauty school and i don't do hair for a living by any means! this is something i actually learned from watching youtube videos and tried it out in my bathroom at home. it has worked great for me and i get a lot of questions about my hair so i finally did a tutorial, but don't get me wrong, this is as basic and unprofessional as a dye job probably gets! haha.
2. bear with me, i may tend to blab a little, hence, usually photos, not many videos. i hope it all makes sense.
2. if i leave out anything that you may have questions about, please feel free to ask!!
3. i was slightly bummed with the lighting, so hopefully you can see the color, but if nothing else it gives you an idea and the steps for the most part!
p.s. i had used a little bit of the solution earlier, and it had also blown up on my twice when i shook it (not normal, but definitely my luck for the day) which is why i end up about running out, usually there is so much you can barely finish half the bottle!

a little before and after with better lighting to show how the color turned out! 


  1. Can you believe how long the ombre trend has stuck around?! I'm in love!!

  2. Lovee your hair! Its perfect!!! Your style is rocking as well! LOVE your blog :)
    Erin Nicole

  3. You are definitely a brave girl. I enlisted a professional when I did my subtle ombre this weekend. No way do I have the guts to takle it on my own haha.

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  4. Aw!! It's so sweet to hear your voice!! I did my own at home ombre too! I love how it turned out and yours looks gorgeous as well!!! Loves ya!

  5. You are so cute! Love your hair! ♥

  6. Loving your hair! Thinking I should try it, looks soo easy and stylish!!



    1. Very easy! If you do I hope it works well for you!

  7. L'Oreal has an ombre dye kit that works really good as well. Your hair is super cute I love it!!


  8. Love this!! I actually bought stuff to lighten my ombre too! I am glad you did this video I got some good tips! I will def try the backcombing! I'm actually using a bleaching kit, like I did before so here's hoping it turns out just as good as yours! I am antsy to get mine done now that I watched your video!

    ps: yours turned out great!


  9. Just found your blog! Absolutely love your ombré! Just wondering if your hair (brown color) is natural or hair color. My hair is colored so wondering if that would effect me getting a similar result! Thank you!!