i love my mom.


happy happy mother's day to all you lovely mother's and a big SPECIAL happy mother's day to my own amazing momma! i almost wish you could all know my mom, she is probably one of the most amazing people you would ever meet and you would be a better person just knowing her. since she keeps up on my blog i hope she knows how wonderful and special she is to me and how truly grateful i am to know her, let alone call her my mom. this t-shirt couldn't say it any better than i can. i. love. my. mom. <3
i'm not sure if i'm technically considered a "mom" yet, but i already feel like i've have a small glimpse of how special it is to be considered a "mom" and can't wait to have a little one call me that special word! i hope all you mothers have the best mother's day and those of you who have mom's make sure they have one as well! 

everything i'm wearing: c/o windsor


  1. Cute outfit! Happy Sunday & happy Mother's Dsy! ♥

  2. Adorable! I consider you a mommy so happy Mother's Day!!!

  3. Absolutely stunning! Love, love your fashion.

  4. so obsessed with camo and loving those heels!