memorial day.


i just wanted to take a minute and touch on the more important side of memorial day, yes it was wonderful that hubs' got a day off and that we were able to spend time with family, but in all seriousness i truly am so very grateful for the service men and women that protect my freedoms. i have always felt blessed to be born and raised in this beautiful country and i love that we have a holiday specific to importance of remembering our freedoms and those who allow us these freedoms. although i have not had anyone close to me (with the exception of my sweet grandpa that served in WWII) serve in any form of military service, i still have a pride for the amazing people they are, the families they leave behind and the service that they provide so that i can feel safe and enjoy those wonderful freedoms. 

this was a photo i took in new york last year while we were at ground zero. it is by far one of my favorite photos from that trip and i found it slightly fitting when thinking of memorial day.

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