pretty hues of peach...


windsor may or may not have basically sponsored my style posts throughout hawaii. they were so sweet and sent a few items for my trip so i had some fresh digs for the beach and sun!  
so let's talk about these pants. best. pregnancy. pants. ever! loose, comfy, and light enough to wear all through summer. i think they are actually meant to be worn a little higher, but i loved how they looked with these shoes and just coming over the top slightly so i bagged them just a little. they would be adorable worn as a high waist as well though! i also can't love on this jacket enough, the print and feel is fantastic. it was perfect for one of those windy nights while we were sitting outside eating and it was just chilly enough that i wanted a jacket! 
ok, enough blah, blah-ing about the outfit.
in other news- i may be dying my hair all dark again (which i haven't been in quite a while)...
i recently was attempting to do my ombré a little higher up around my face and i may have failed miserably. it's not terrible but not at all what i wanted, my hair basically just got a lighter brown and i'm not sure how i feel about it. i'll try and get a few photos of the "new-do" before i get rid of it for good, but it will either be seeing a hairstylist to have it done "right" or back to my bathroom with a kit for dark brown...

any thoughts or opinions?! .... my hair is now open for discussion! 

tee w/ leather detail: c/o windsor, loose trousers: c/o windsor, tribal print jacket: c/o windsor, bangles: c/o windsor
shoes: dolce vita (c/o flight boutique), bull head necklace: c/o stylelately, bullet necklace: jmr


  1. Ha! I JUST did a post about pants like these! I agree. Best.Pregnancy.Pants.Ever. I like your colour better though.
    Go dark! It's always a nice change!

    Style in the City

  2. Absolutely love this look! Those pants are amazing!!
    Love your style :)

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

  3. Cutest jacket EVER! I love love love it!

  4. You look so adorable! And your hair will look phenom either way! Keep us updated :)

  5. You are stunning! The pants are way cute and look totally comfy! I love the jacket so chic, and the shoes.... fell in love! You are rocking this look!

  6. Love these pants! And go all dark with your hair!


  7. Hey lovely! Thank you for the great posts. I am a hair dresser and I would suggest you go to a stylist to fix the color. Not saying that box dye doesn't work. But because you are going from such a light color around your face and wanting to go dark it has to go through a few levels. If you don't do a color balance the color that you put on top of the lighter pieces will become murky and have a green-brown tone. Hope this helps!!

  8. Love this look!! I just love your style!