sickness sickness go away, never come another day....


so yesterday i started to feel slightly better during the day and was hoping i was over that nasty sickness, then... it got worst. much. much. worse. it was 74 degrees in our house and i was bundled up in sweats from head to toe, a huge blanket and had our fire turned on... poor hubs was so sweet and even though i could see he was sweating and dying from the heat he still kept asking me if there was anything else he could do. the aching got worse and i won't even go into any of the other details for everybody's sake! ;) but after toughing it out through the night and barely making it (maybe i'm being slightly dramatic, but if you've ever been that miserable, i'm sure you know the feeling) i am feeling about 95% better today and actually felt like eating, which is good good news seeing i'm down 6 lbs after those crazy two days! i was mostly concerned about baby since i've only gained about 8 lbs total so far being pregnant, but the doctor's office seemed to think everything was fine as long as i wasn't fevering, so i'll go ahead and trust that little one is okay and i doubt i'll have a hard time putting back on a few pounds now that my appetite is back.
thank you all for your sweet wishes yesterday and i so appreciate your concern, i'm hoping it was truly a 48 virus of some sort and it's over, because i'm not sure i could handle another night like last night! 
since i have been so miserable and haven't gotten out of the same pair of sweats or moved off my couch for two days, luckily i have a few more photos that were taken from last week. i'm kind of doubting my vs sweats and topknot would be interesting to anyone! haha.

striped tee: f21 ($5 find!), cardigan: c/o the oxford trunk, jeans: true religion, shoes: toms, watch: c/o windsor
necklace: c/o seaworthy, earrings: c/o wild ivy creations


  1. I'm pretty sure you look gorgeous in your top knot and sweats. Glad you are feeling better. I need those shoes...


  2. love your nude lipstick :-)

  3. glad you're feeling better and that little is fine!


  4. I am loving that cardigan and your nude lips! You are simply beautiful!! So glad you are feeling better! It would make me nervous too having a little one. You are going to be a great momma if you are already concerned!
    Love Me, Dani Marie