small curls hair tutorial


ahhh! finally! i have been messing around with this youtube/blogger thing for a while trying to find and upload this video to the blog but for some reason it was being a bugger until today! i have gotten a few questions on my photos of how i do my hair in those smaller, tighter curls, so i made this video to show you the curling wand i use and how i go about getting that look! if you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below or email me anytime! i hope this helps!
nume curling wand: c/o andruby (and on sale!)

also, these are a few examples of how the curls look after i've teased them and styled them up a little!


  1. I love your hair like this! Your little bump is finally showing and I love it! You are too cute.

    Jessica Jean Blog

  2. Super cute Robyn I have been eyeballing that iron for a while maybe it's time to commit :)


  3. LOVE these curls!! Thank you for sharing :)


  4. You can find this wand on for only $44! Check it out now!