just peachy


happy friday and hope everyone has some fun weekend plans! we were going to try and make a last minute trip to lake powell work, but hubs' last week of school is apparently slightly more important... if we can just get him through this last week and a half he is done. finished. finito. and will be graduating from the business school at the U! i'm so ready for him to be done and SO glad it will be happening before baby girl gets here so he can have all his nights free at home with us instead of sitting in classes. wahoo. 
in other (and more exciting) news, after working like crazy all week to paint, shop and furnish little girl's room, i think we're almost done! there are still a few more small touches and a few fun collaborations that will be added, but the main things are in and so far it has turned out better than i expected! i can't wait to show it off and i may do a mini post so you can see how it's coming along, but can't wait to show the final product! 
for now here's a fun comfy outfit and a seriously growing belly! enjoy...!
tank: c/o stylelately (love this and this), jacket: c/o windsor (splurge, save), peach skirt: c/o inspired by tess
headband: c/o gunny sack & co.clutch: c/o reckless crush (splurge), necklace: c/o sira & mara (also love this & this)


  1. Cute as always and can't wait to see baby girl's room!

  2. Love your peach skirt! Maxi dresses and skirts is all I'm wearing all summer long! Love them!

  3. GORGEOUS! As always. Little baby bump shows a little more every time !!

    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

  4. Loving the head bands..and peach skirt..and well everything! ;) You look stunning! So excited to see baby girl's room!!

  5. Love this look! I need a peach maxi like this one, it's so bright and cheerful.
    You look beautiful!

  6. You look gorgeous mama! I like this combo very much
    And you're tiny little bump is making me want a baby #2!

  7. I love how flowy that skirt is! it's so perfect for summer. have fun at the lake if you make it.

  8. omg. i was just looking for the same colored skirt. i love it.