4 year anniversary!


four years ago today i married my best friend, my partner in crime, and the man who is now going to be the amazing father of my baby girl! it feels like yesterday that we walked out of the temple doors and here we are, four years later and just as happy and in love as the day we met (if not more!) i'm going to take a minute and gush because i truly am so grateful to have such an amazing man and still don't know how i got this lucky!
although he wanted to surprise me, i am kind of hard to surprise, especially with schedules and the crazy busy summer we have had- so he ended up spilling the beans early that he is whisking me off to cali this weekend for a little anniversary getaway. i'm excited to have one more getaway before baby arrives and to be sitting on the beach within a few days! 
happy four years babe, and here's to eternity!

...and here are a just a few of my favorite photos from the last four years (total randoms)! holy cow, we were babies! ;)


  1. These are some great photos! You are gorgeous! Happy Anniversary! XO


  2. Aww such cute pics! Happy anniversary :) have fun in Cali!


  3. Happy Anniversary!! have a great time in Cali :)


  4. Happy Anniversary, Robyn! If you're anywhere near OC, I might be able to recommend some places. :) Have a great time!


  5. Happy Anniversary! I totally saw you at the temple on your wedding day hustling about, it's so fun to follow your blog. This is Liz from the U so happy to see your fun life moving along! Do you work besides this blog? I just share my feelings about our behavioral science and health degree, and would love to know what you ended up doing career wise.