ahh...maternity fashion


i found it. the best dress out there that, although not meant to be a maternity dress, couldn't work any better like one! the beauty of these finds is that i will be able to rock them even after the belly is no more, so it works for all you lovely ladies that don't happen to be rocking a little "fetus fashion" at the moment ;)
as far as pregnancy goes, and for those of you who are so sweet and who have asked (since i don't dive too much into the pregnancy talk normally), i have felt so great and have felt more than blessed to have had such a healthy pregnancy thus far! little girl has been pretty nice to me, and besides the uncomfortable moments from time to time, i have felt better than ever! 
as far as baby goes- she is busy busy and her sleep schedule is 100% opposite of mine (she starts getting super active around midnight and 3 am and i have a feeling she will continue this habit out of the womb!) she has been getting hiccups from time to time which is pretty entertaining and i still don't get bored watching my stomach do the wave and seeing little feet poke around- i could honestly stare for hours! at my 33 week appt this last monday, doctor said everything is looking great and she is right on track, i've got one more two week appt and then will be going in every week which means we are really getting down to the wire here! he even said at my next appt he will start checking to see if i am at all dilated which sounds nuts to hear! i truly am going to be enjoying these last weeks while she's still hiccuping and rolling around inside because i have a feeling that before i know it it will all be over! 
wow. i don't remember the last time i wrote that much and i hope no one is too bored but i wanted to touch on just a little "baby talk" :) now here are a few photos of this fab dress from joulesusa.com!
dress: c/o joules, braided belt: lolabella (similar, similar), shoes: c/o windsor, bag: c/o windsor, rings: asos


  1. Robyn you are absolutely glowing! I agree with you in the fact that you don't have to shop maternity wear, just find things that are stretchy or a size bigger :) Great look and you are still rocking the heel at 33 weeks! You go mama!!


  2. gosh you are GORGEOUS. you look dang good for a pregnant woman girlfriend! also, i am obsessed with your hair :) that's awesome that you are having such a good pregnancy! woo hoo!

    xo, keena

  3. You look so adorable! I was so bloated during my pregnancy, I could not wear heels at all, wished I look like that! :)

  4. I strive to look like this when I'm preggers! Your adorable love this look!


  5. Are you going to do a maternity shoot?!?! If so I hope you post them :) I love the baby post!!

  6. You're rocking the pregnancy fashion, for sure! The instagram that you posted the other day where you were in front of the mirror at your gym was insane to me.. you just look so amazing!!

  7. I love how you are able to transform non-maternity pieces into your pregnancy! Who wants to buy an entire wardrobe that you can only wear for a couple of months??


  8. You look so pretty and glowy! (if that's a word haha)

  9. You look amazing and its so fun to tear about your baby girl! I didn't even know it was possible for them to get hiccups in the womb, that must be such a fun thing to feel!

    Xo, Amanda


  10. Lovely dress!!

  11. You look so beautiful and healthy! Glad to hear everything's going well!


  12. you look gorgeous momma! xo


  13. Just found your blog and love it!! I really need to know what size of this dress you ordered! I'm prego too :) hollyhjohnston@gmail.com


  14. You are right, that dress is perfect. Glad to hear all is going well!