whimsical skirts and weird dreams


 ok pregnant mama's (as well as those who have been) i've heard of having strange dreams while you're pregnant and apparently mine have begun! the strangest part is that the two that i have had so far have been that i've had the baby and it's a boy! is this abnormal or trying to tell me something?! i don't know if there is any meaning behind it or if it's just one of those weird things that happens during pregnancy, but it's definitely been giving me some weird thoughts! other than that the dreams are pretty normal, and are actually getting me more and more anxious to have baby girl (i'm assuming she's still a girl!) here! :)
as for the outfit today, we were out and about this last weekend and found this fun little farm road so i of course made hubs take a few photos. it was such a pretty background and with the weather being so overcast and rainy lately it looked so pretty! i'm also loving this whimsically wonderful (yes, "whimsical-ly") skirt! the color is so fun and gives the perfect pop of color to the outfit! definitely a fun piece that i loved adding to my closet!
polkadot sweater: c/o windsor (similar, similar), jean jacket: nordstrom (similar), skirt: c/o ruby bloom, shoes: c/o windsor (love these and these), clutch: h&m (similar), necklace: c/o ily coutureheadband: c/o lemons&lace, ring: similar, similar


  1. How cute is that polka dot belly! Great fun look on you :)
    As for pregnancy dreams..I have never been pregnant, but I am an OB nurse. It is normal to have weird and even scary vivid dreams at the final trimest of your pregnancy. It is most likely related to changing of hormones. Your getting so close :)


  2. I actually have never told anyone this- but my pregnancy dreams about my baby were WEIRD. I never had one of those sweet dreams of my baby.. no, I had strange dreams where he was missing a face or came out with full adult teeth. I didn't put much weight into them, just figured my brain couldn't handle all the hormones :)

  3. The very first dream I had while pregnant was me chasing a little dark haired girl through a house. After that all the dreams I had about the baby were gender neutral and I never saw faces. Then the night before our baby shower I dream that I walked in and everything was blue. I started to cry and kept saying "but I'm having a girl!" I would actually get up in the middle of the night to look at the ultrasound pictures, just to make sure there wasn't a mistake!

  4. So cute. I remember my sis having dreams she was giving birth to pigeons when she was preggers with my nephew. I'm sure crazy dreams are normal :)

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  5. Can't help you with the crazy dreams, but I sure do know that this is one cute outfit you're wearing! I love the lime color of your skirt :) xo

  6. Pregnancy dreams can be crazy. I actually dreamt I was having a boy several times, but she was a girl! And I once even dreamt I gave birth to a cat!!! Yeah, crazy... not to mention freakish! I hear it's all very normal though.

  7. OMG You are THE most adorable pregnant Mama!!! You are absolutely glowing ;] Love this look and your tummy is darling in the polka dots! I haven't been prego yet, butI have heard the dreams can be outrageous. And lastly your hair looks sooooo shiny and healthy - I am loving it...

    The Parlor Girl

  8. My MIL had dreams of her 2nd child being a boy & had the strongest sense that it was a boy despite the numerous sonograms the doctors gave her to assure her it was a girl.. Then out comes the baby & they go "Here's your baby gir... BOY!" Haha! And thank God it was because that baby is now my husband! Let's hope your sonograms are right though and that these dreams are just dreams ;))

    Ps: You're the cutest pregger ever!


  9. I had sooo many dreams I was having a boy that I started freaking out wondering if the ultrasounds were wrong. I dreamt a lot towards the last trimester...some were weird and some were scary...haha

  10. super duper cute!! I had so much fun with fashion when i was pregnant last year! I can't believe my son is now 6 months old. The time does fly! enjoy being pregnant and glowing!