wednesday wishlist...


since my due date is drawing nearer, this week's wednesday wishlist is all picks for little girl! i don't know if you notice any trend with the whole grey and white stripes thing happening, but if you were to see the things i already have for her, you'd know it's obviously a favorite of mine! at first i struggled so badly with little girl clothes because everything was pink! but after finding a few cute stores (nordstrom's "peek" items and baby gap are my absolute favorite) i realized there are a lot of cute little girl clothes out there, you just have look a little harder :)
here are my picks for baby girl this week!
for bedtime...
4. sophie

for daytime...
3. pintuck bow dress (or used as a tee in this case)


  1. Oh my gosh, those little yellow pants! So precious!

    LINK UP on my blog today! Xoxo

  2. That's how I felt shopping for my little boy. It's so hard to find newborn things that don't have baby animals or cheesy sayings....

  3. Check out the jersey cardigans by Americal Apparel. I promise you'll die.