Dear Cleverly Yours, xoxo followers…my name is Jenell, and I am Robyn’s ‘big’ sisterI may only be 5’3”, but I was 15 years old when Robyn was born, so I call dibs on the title of ‘big’ sister!  

This beautiful sister of mine, has kindly allowed me to take a minute and deviate off-course from what you normally visit her blog to find…her amazing fashion tips, but I wanted to share something close to my {{heart}}, in hopes that anyone who reads this will take a minute to help my sweet, little friend, Dakota. 

Dakota was a happy, healthy 2 year old, walking, talking and becoming quite the accomplished potty-trainer!  Three years ago, everything changed for Dakota and his family, after a devastating accident left him with a traumatic brain injury.  You can read more about Dakota’s story here:  http://zachandtessie.blogspot.com/p/dakotas-story.html  

I have gotten to know this sweet family, and followed their courageous journey of learning a new kind of ‘normal’ as they care for their sweet, little boy who now has many special needs.  They have had their share of challenges, because Dakota’s daddy is legally blind, but are an amazing family who demonstrates love and faith at every turn.  They are also just months away from welcoming their second child, a little girl…Dakota will be a big brother! 

Dakota’s mommy and daddy, me (holding Dakota) and 4 of my own 5 munchkins! 

Dakota is still unable to walk or talk and continues to need his family for most every need.  There is an amazing organization that gives away special needs bicycles, every year, and all we need is your VOTE for Dakota https://www.friendshipcircle.org/bikes/2014/03/dakota-3/ ! 
This bike would allow my little friend not only the necessary therapy benefits, but just as important, the ability to feel like a normal, little 5-year-old boy!!  Dakota needs the most votes to guarantee him one of the 10 Rifton bicycles being given away (the remaining bikes will be raffled off to every child with 50 nominations, or more).   

He is currently in 3rd place, so please vote for Dakota today…it only takes a minute and you can vote on every device you own.  This link will take you directly to Dakota’s green ‘nominate’ button, click on that, and your done…that’s all it takes! https://www.friendshipcircle.org/bikes/2014/03/dakota-3/ 

Thanks again for letting me take a minute of your time, and please help me put a smile on this cute, little face!! 


  1. He is adorable! Nominated him! :)

    <3, Christina

  2. What an inspiring family! I nominated Dakota,xxxx my fingers he gets a bike ....all kids deserve a bike , especially extra special kids

  3. Dakota is my cousin's little boy and they got a bike! A close friend of theirs in Arizona offered to cover the costs of buying Dakota a therapy bike to ensure that both Dakota and another child in the contest would both receive a bike. Miracles do happen through angels like the couple from Arizona! Thank you to everyone who voted for him! zachandtessie.blogspot.com has more info. They're an incredible little family :)

  4. This is LONG overdue but thank you Robyn for allowing your sweetest sister to post about Dakota and our pleas for votes to get Dakota his bike!! You are so kind to do this for us!! And you also are a total babe!!! ;) Love that this allowed me to find your cute blog. I will be following for sure!! ;)