Ok all you local lovelies! If you are at all interested in trying Dysport, now is the time! Until the end of June, The Spa at NIMA is offering $200 OFF for both you and a friend!! So grab a girlfriend and get over there for a fun Girls' Day Spa Day!! 
I had my very first treatment with NIMA and Dr. Ayers and have been so happy with the results! I only had my forehead and "furrowed brow" treated but I love that I most definitely don't feel like I had "work done" but that I just had a few wrinkles smoothed! At this point it's more of a preventative treatment than anything but I've absolutely loved it! 
Also, for those of you that notice- I am wearing my "I am HOPE" tee from Peace Love World for the foundation where all the proceeds to towards helping the cause to cure GSD. Our good friends little girl has GSD and for any and all that want to contribute, you can go HERE to buy a shirt and donate! They are so cute and comfy and are for a good cause! :)

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