My favorites... Hair care edition!


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The majority of these items are products I use, LOVE and highly recommend, where a few of these items are "wishlist" items that I have heard great things about and have been dying to try!
So here are a few of my favorites...
1. Bobbi Brown Eye Cream- I use this EVERY night and love it! It is one of my favorite eye creams and helps with any puffiness or dark circles. 
2. Kendra Volume Spray - I use a few different hairsprays but I LOVE this one because it gives volume as well as a great hold! (Plus, it has won the Stylist choice favorite hairspray like 7 times so it's apparently pretty awesome stuff!)
4. Oribe Beach Wave & Shine - I had bought a few different types of beach wave spray (the cheap stuff) even after I had heard about this stuff because I couldn't quite get myself to spend the extra money for the "good stuff", but after all the other products kind of sucked and never gave me the beach waves I wanted, I finally broke down and bought the Oribe brand. 
Best decision ever.
I kid you not, it's worth every single penny.
5. Biotin - I take it every day. Since taking it I feel like my hair is shinier and grows faster. Nuff' said.
6. Moroccan Oil - Possibly one of my favorite hair products. This goes straight on my hair after each time I wash it, as well as anytime I feel like the ends need a little more hydration or shine! 
7. Tresemme Dry Shampoo - Another product I've tried a lot of, but I continually go back to the Tresemme brand! The only other one I've actually heard great things about and would be willing to try is the Oribe Dry Shampoo, which I feel like may blow all others out of the water, so I will most likely be trying it soon! (I'll let you know how it goes!)
11. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray - A great setting spray for your everyday makeup to keep it from melting off of you by the end of the day ;)
12. Coconut Oil - There are so many amazing uses for this product that every single woman should have a bottle of this on her shelf! Not only do I use it as my cooking oil now, but I use it on my hair, skin, nails, and teeth! Truly one of the greatest products there is!

As for the other items, I have heard great things about the Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner as well as Kiels Magic Elixir.

Also, for any questions about other products I use that I maybe didn't talk about, feel free to comment below!! XOXO...


  1. LOVE the all nighter spray! Have you tried the Vitamin B6 spray? I use it before applying my makeup and it's so great!

  2. LOVE the TRESsemme dry shampoo! It smells better than a lot of the other ones on the market.

  3. How do you use the Oribe spray?