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Ahh! I feel like it's been a while since I've done an outfit post! With the holidays and keeping up with a busy, walking one year old, I've been a bit of a slacker! Well I thought this would be a perfect kick off back from the holidays and one of my favorite looks this winter! Simple, comfy and details in all the right places! This gorgeous Madewell sweater is a new addition to the closet and one of my favorites- along with these Free People jeans of course! Don't worry, I love them so much I bought them in three other colors! Yes, THREE! They have become my favorite destroyed jeans that I own and I had to share them with all of you!
Now, let's have some real talk because I feel like lately I've been keeping most of my posts on the surface...
Olivia is 14 months now.... holy wow. Where did the time go?! I find myself watching her toddle around and think I still can't believe I am a mom! My high school and college self still really can't believe I'm old enough to have been married 5 years and have a one year old! It's kind of awesome.
As for us, we are keeping busy but loving every minute of it! I've been loving this gorgeous DECEMBER weather that's in the 50's and trying to soak it all up before Utah turns on me and ruins my life for the next 4 months. (Just kidding, kind of.)
Anywho, I've probably bored you enough for today, I'll save some for next time.
I hope you're all having happy and warm holidays! Muah!
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  1. Beautiful coat! And You are a beautiful young mother :)

    Terje / www.todaysfavorites.com

  2. Perfect look for the cooler temps! Enjoy your little one, it really does go fast.

    Heidi D.

  3. What a fun December starting out!! Do you get to stay home with Olivia or are you still working?

  4. OMG, those jeans!!!! LOVE the bottoms! (and I agree with "Today's Favorites" -- beautiful young mother indeed!) :)