Lake Powell



Oh, Lake Powell. 
Of all the places I have traveled, whether it's been beaches, cities, or beautiful islands, I have to say Lake Powell still amazes me every time. I have been going since before I could walk and somehow it never gets old! I mean, do you see that sunset photo? Where in the world do you find a sunset like that?! I can tell you exactly where you find it…Lake Powell! I not only love Lake Powell because I have so many fond memories from my childhood, but I was lucky enough to marry into an avid Lake-Powell-goer-family and I have so many fun memories of the summer we were dating (we went FOUR times that summer, planning a wedding and all!) and now every year since we have been married. There is definitely something special about this place and I just had to share a few of my favorite photos! Unfortunately I didn't take my phone with me enough when we were on the boat so I wish I would have had more, but these will at least give you a little idea of the beauty that exists here in Utah!

I also have to give a quick obituary to my favorite Ray-Ban's. Being slightly careless, I dove into the water not realizing they were on my head and lost them forevermore into the depths of the water, along with multiple other pairs of sunglasses, Kimball's original wedding ring, and I'm sure countless of other crazy things that you would find if you could actually dive down and see the bottom! So, here's to you favorite Ray-Bans. 

And in case you are curious about outfit details:

Nike Tank // AlbionFit Swim Top // LuluLemon Striped Shorts // Ray-Bans

Olivia's J.Crew Factory Striped Coverup
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  1. This looks so beautiful! I love those striped shorts!

  2. Gorgeous photos and your little girl is getting so big!

    Cec || Dearest Lou

  3. What beautiful pictures! I love your sunglasses :)