Note* Olivia ran up during pictures and wanted me to "hold you" (hold her) however, she was having a rough day, hence the not-so-happy face, but I had to add one photo of her because her outfit was so cute! Unfortunately, she wouldn't smile for ONE pictures. Such is life. 

Olivia's Outfit: Flannel // Striped Tee (50% OFF!) // Shorts // New Balance


Ripped jeans, a tee, leather jacket & a beanie… You're basically seeing my daily fall uniform! With the exception of Sundays when it's a dress & then sweats or any other day that I for some reason decide to dress up, I basically recreate this same outfit with different items each day. It's boring, but it's my life ;)
I will say of all my tees, these Kingdom&State tees are SO soft and comfy and their new tees have the cutest wording and prints on them! Definitely the cutest graphic tees! Oh, and can we talk about these oxfords?! I was eyeing these during the semi-annual sale and wish I would have just snagged them at the time for the great price, but even after the sale ended when I kept seeing them every time I walked in the store and tried them on three times, I decided they were a must have for fall! They are so comfy and I get compliments so often that they were the best purchase! 
I hope you've all got fun plans for the weekend! Thanks so much for following!!
Cheerio darlings! XO
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  1. I love your casual style! Those loafers are a must have. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Wishes & Reality

  2. I really like that jacket! And Olivia's as well ;)