New me with NUME!


Talking hair today with one of my favorite companies that make my absolute favorite curling wands - NUME! I get asked all the time how I get my curls and what I use to do my hair, and I always answer the same… my NUME wand! Between my Lustrum set that gives me FIVE different options and my new Magic 32mm Wand (shown here) I am able to do just about any size, shape and type of wave or curls that I need to! These wands are such great quality and heat up so quickly that I am able to have my hair curled and done in half the time I used to spend doing my hair, which is a must when being a momma of a busy two year old!

NUME wants to offer my readers an amazing deal! You can get any Curling Wand for $49 + free microfiber hair wrap AND free shipping by going HERE and using the code ROBYN2016 at checkout! Now is the time to invest in these awesome wands, and for $49 you are getting such a great deal!! Happy shopping!! 

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  1. I have always loved your hair!! I think it's time I get one of these! If you had to choose your first one would you get the 25mm or 32mm?

    Thank you!

    1. I usually always go with a larger wand because I prefer looser curls, but I love having options so the Lustrum is a great set that offers a few different wands! I do love this magic wand though and it's such a great wand that I would recommend it in the 32mm for sure!

  2. love your hair! & your blog design!