Blushing in Pink for VDay


A "slightly" dressier Valentine's Day look today leading into the big weekend!
Fun fact about me: I am a jeans and tee girl, through and through, but I think it's actually really important to get dolled up from time to time, and here's why...
This is coming from a very "mom" place, but I feel like one of the best things I can do to get away from my frumpy, casual everyday self is to plan a night out with my hubby, get all dolled up, and just go all out! It doesn't have to be every date night, but once a month we like to do a nicer dinner where we get dressed up, pretend like we don't have a kiddo at home and just talk and act like we are newly dating. It's so good for both of us, but especially me (since I get less of the adult time and talk throughout the day) to focus on my marriage and keeping things fun and new…and dressing up seems to really kick the whole night into gear! There's definitely something about wearing jeans and a sweater out for dinner versus a fun dress and heels! To feel special and fancy for a night is rejuvenating and reminds me why I don't do it every day, because it makes that one night a month so special! 
So here's to dressing up, feeling special and not just feeling like it has to be for a special occasion or Valentine's Day!

MAC "Chili" Lipstick

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  1. Super pretty and elegant! Pink is my fave color!

    Mel |

  2. This dress is STUNNING! The whole look is perfect!

  3. Awe-Rob, I love your blog! Your style is so chic and classy! I love this idea of getting dressed up. I just need to find a place to do it other than a cruise ship haha