Weekend Wishlist!


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The Semi-Annual Nordstrom Sale is in full swing and I have (as usual) been stocking up on all my favorites from fall and taking full advantage of this incredible sale!!
Let's talk about the amazing selection of booties they have going on right now- I ended up snagging BOTH of the ones I have pictures as well as another pair because they are all up to 40% OFF! You can never have enough cute booties so now is the perfect time to shop! I also had to splurge on this beautiful Patricia Nash fringe bag! It's unlike anything I own and I love finding pieces that stand out! Last but not least, these darling fedora hats are on sale for only $15!! 
Craziness, right?! 
Makes sure to check out more of my Nordstrom Sale favorites below!!
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  1. It's a way to express your individuality and have fun. Make every day a bit different. My clothing reflects my personality and, it's what you live in, so it's fun to think about style. This is why I LOVE shopping, and when I dress up, I just feel better about myself, especially when it comes to talking to guys by giving me confidence. Purses are amazing because you can put all kinds of stuff in it, like a drink, food, gum, makeup, mirror, or anything really. Try to appreciate those who do, because it's a big part of lots of people's lives. :)