Most likely my final update!


Holy Cow! I can't believe that this post may be the last of my updates about this pregnancy! It makes me so happy to think that after this I will be giving updates about our babies being here rather than all the scary stuff we've been dealing with throughout this pregnancy. 
I figured I'd give an update from the last couple of weeks…
Let's start with good news! 
We had been told a month or so ago that due to Baby A's heart issues, we would most likely have to deliver up at the University hospital close to Primary Children's so that she could be whisked straight over for evaluation and any possible medications (or even possible surgeries) she may need right after birth. This was kind of a bummer to hear when they initially told us, mostly because it was so scary to think she would need potential heart surgery and being so tiny, I wasn't even sure how it was possible! It was also quite a bit further away from us than our hospital we were planning to deliver at, and when I knew I'd most likely want to visit at least once/twice a day, the idea of driving an extra half hour each way definitely wasn't ideal. Lastly, I would have no idea who the doctors were or what the hospital was like where I had delivered previously at my other hospital and knew my doctor would be able to be there. There were also some potential insurance issues, which to be honest, were the least of our worries since our babies safety is first and foremost, but it was still a concern. At the end of the day we said whatever needs to happen is exactly what we will do, we want our babies in the safest place possible to deliver! 
Well… we were able to see the cardiologists at Primary Children's last week and after our fourth echocardiogram and ultrasound the cardiologists agreed that Baby A's heart is looking overall really good and it is functioning enough at this point that no surgeries will be needed! They also cleared us to deliver at our hospital close to home where my doctor can deliver, which was such a huge relief! They said although her heart is still slightly enlarged and the walls are still a little thick, it's nothing that will need immediate care and she may not even need follow ups with the cardiologists after birth if she continues to show the improvements she has once she's here! We were ecstatic! This was our sweet baby that was in almost complete cardiac failure the day I had surgery. We have been so concerned about her heart and whether it would ever heal, worries about potential open heart surgeries and all the possible long-term issues for her, and now here we are! She has been growing like a champ and weighed in at 3 lbs 7 oz at our last growth check! 

As for Baby B, in my last update I mentioned our little "B" was giving us some scares with her possible placenta function issues. Unfortunately, we learned that it isn't something that will get any better and we've just had to watch them so close! I'm talking 2-3 appointments a week, which is seriously starting to wear on this mama! Between twice a week non-stress tests, once a week OB appointments, once a week ultrasounds, AND our final visit up to Primary Children's cardiology department, I truly feel like I spend more time at the hospital some days than I do at my own home! It's been a lot, but I've also been so grateful that they aren't taking any chances and watching these babes so close and carefully!
Due to little baby B's condition and showing less growth than A (she was only weighing about 2 lbs 11 oz at her growth check which was significant less growth than A had shown in 3 weeks), our doctor informed us that he wanted to move up my induction date from 36 weeks to 35 weeks. He told us at 35 weeks he truly thinks our babes will be doing better on the outside than they will on the inside. This was exciting news, but also made me realize that this "having babies" thing is getting real and happening soon!! The minute we set the date for September 13th it hit me real hard. With as uncomfortable, painful and stressful this pregnancy has been (especially the last month), I still forget that delivery and recovery is no vacation! It also started to set in that we are not only bringing home one baby, but TWO!
But if anything these trials have taught me, it's that I want these two babies more than anything and I will take them and all the hectic and craziness that comes with having two! The extra sleepless nights, the double diaper duty, the days I'm sure I will want to pull my hair out, I will remember what we did to get these little ones here and what incredible little miracles they are and how they are meant to be here with our little family! Not that I wouldn't love them just as much if we hadn't had to go through so much to get them here safe, but I can imagine being a little overwhelmed with the idea of twins if I wasn't so excited and grateful that they are coming together! 
These were a few of our gender reveal photos that never made it to the blog that I couldn't not post! We can't wait for the four little feet to fill these darling Freshly Picked Moccs and I have loved wearing my new Alex & Ani bangles as part of my collection. Plus, you're all getting a little sneak peek of the first initial of one…or maybe both of their names! <3
 *Photos by Mary Horne Photo

Alex & Ani Bangles - Daughters // Initial "H" // Special Delivery in Pink

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  1. I think it's amazing that you are sharing your story! I'm 20 weeks pregnant with twins and get so nervous with all the things that can happen. I've loved reading your blogs and following you on Instagram and snap! I hope you have An amazing delivery and that everything goes as perfectly as possible, can't wait to see pictures of the newest additions to your family!

  2. It was fantastic to read such good news this morning! I will say a prayer on the 13th... What an awesome adventure you have ahead of you!