10 of My Favorites


1. MAC Blush powder in "dainty": Seriously, you will LOVE this color. I think it may look good on just about anyone!

2. MAC Viva Glam (Lady GaGa limited edition) Lip gloss in nude: I pretty much STOCKED up knowing this may or may not be there the next time I went- It's only THEE best- if you like nude lips that is... 

3. MAC Pro Long-wear Liquid Foundation: Ohhh, you have flaws too?! No problemo. Here ya go.

4. Suave dry shampoo: On day 3 or 4 I throw a little of this amazing-ness in and viola! Two more days till' I have do go through that whole "washing hair & getting ready" bit again.

5. Chanel Chance perfume: Let's just say it smells like happiness and wonderment in a bottle. Plus anything else that you may think smells good. 

6. Full n' Soft mascara by Maybeline: I've tried expensive and cheap mascara's -and just about everything else in between- and somehow ALWAYS end up coming back to this lovely. (Even better that it happens to be on the "cheap" side of the spectrum)

7. MAC blot powder: Maybe it's just me- but halfway through the day I'm feeling like my makeup is struggling and needs a little "pick-me-up". This is a quick fix for any shiny, slightly less-flattering-than-preferred look. 

8. Bonnebell My Style concealer: I actually went to go get some more of this YESTERDAY (because as you can see, it's been squeezed to its max) and to my displeasure, was unable to find it! Ahh, rats. I settled for some Maybeline kind that looks similar. We'll give it a go I guess and hopefully report back with a 5-star rating. 

9. Vitamins!: My everyday vitamins usually consist of a Multi-vitamin, sometimes an extra hit of Vitamin C (especially during fall/winter), Biotin, Fish Oil- or a hair skin and nails vitamin, and lately Niacin (which is supposed to be for energy). Every once in a while I throw in a few Flinstones gummies as well... Yes, I'm 5. 

10. NYC bronzer in tan: Also, used as blush, is possibly one of my favorites. I usually mix the two shades to get the best look. Again, I've tried quite a few and keep coming back to this! 


  1. Chance is my favorite as well. I had an incident though, involving too much hair multitasking and the perfume on a shelf too close to flying elbows. As fate would have it, she came a-tumblin down and my bathroom smelled great for weeks. I cried a little.

    1. Seriously, I would be devastated if this bottle shattered. It is definitely a fave!