Ahh...summer days.
You are my favorite!!

We went to the temple on Tuesday and I decided to semi-dress up
(of course, I didn't wear my hat INSIDE the temple, don't you worry, Mom)
But the next day I couldn't decide what to wear to work,
and since the *rule applies (see rule below)
I figured I would be able to wear the same thing the next day!
Unfortunately, I made it look even cuter the next day with a wrap around belt
and didn't get pictures, but we wont stress too much about that.

Best part about this outfit?
My hubby told me he thought I looked "way hot"
and it was in his "top 3 outfits" of mine that he really likes

Fedora: Forever 21, Chambray: AE, Skirt: Urban Wear,
Earrings: Forever 21, Watch: Windsor

*Rule: As long as no one you know, or someone you would see again soon, see's you in an outfit- it is free game to wear twice (in a row)!!
I should write a book, I know.


  1. Great everyday, casually chic ensemble. I'm working on growing my hair out again and yours is definitely the inspiration I'm seeking!

    1. Brit-
      Definitely! This is a super comfy and laid back look while still feeling "put together".

  2. I follow this rule as well! Glad to know I'm not the only one ;)