having a mini-breakdown right now.
it is 12:12 AM and about an hour and a half ago i did a stupid thing.
a very, very stupid thing!!
my sweetheart of a hubby bought me a new computer for our anniversary 
in august because as you can see in the picture below, 
mine was getting to be a bit of a dinosaur...
 i hadn't synched anything to it yet because of the fear of possibly losing everything on my phone...
for some silly reason, i decided to try it because i thought i had it 
all figured out so that nothing would get lost.
turns out i was wrong.
apparently there were some errors. 
due to these errors, in the past hour i have:
said a few suggestive words
realized my headache actually could get bigger than it already was tonight
felt very sorry for myself
and turned to vanilla wafer cookies and a diet coke for comfort. 
(which helped....slightly...)

after a few tries, i may be able to save it with an old backup
on my old computer. thank heavens!!
ahhh...so sorry for the vent sesh (for the second time this week!)
but i feel slightly better now. and really didn't have much else to do while sitting here staring at my screen, crossing all fingers and toes. 

talk about some serious "spoiled kid" problems going on here.
people in africa are starving and i'm whining about my iphone not hooking up to my new laptop and possibly deleting my instagram. 
so with that said. i am going to buck up. get over it. and know that life will go on. 
with or without instagram. 

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  1. OH dear I hope that by now you have recovered at least most of your stuff.. I know how heart Breaking this can be... My phone always has tones of photos and its died before and i lost months worth of pics (that is HEAPS for me, as i take photos every day)... There is nothing to console you really when this happens, except time.
    Good luck.